Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tahoe Scrapbook

It's been slow here and not much is happening. After our first Snow Day, yesterday, I awoke several times last night to the sound of sleet on my window. So, guess what? We have a second Snow Day today! I may just go stir crazy.

It seemed the perfect opportunity to show you some of my scrapbooking pages I've completed (per Kerin's request). The one up top is the title page. I hate title pages; there's so much pressure in them! This one is mediocre at best but at least it's done. (I usually save them for last so several of my albums have an empty title page still!)

I have tons of stickers but unfortunately I usually forget to use them. This time around, I pulled out all of my wintry paper and stickers beforehand so I wouldn't forget anything!

I won't do the entire album this way, but I love this concept: piecing together a page covered with pics and blocks of paper. It's more interesting than a sheet of paper for the background and, though it requires a bit of cutting, it is simple to do.