Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two Weeks

In two weeks - well, actually, less than two weeks - we'll be in paradise!  

We have a birthday to celebrate as well as five years of marriage.  I'm hoping it'll be a great, relaxing time because we both need the break.  

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week Seven: Peak 10 Challenge #5

Oh my goodness....only two weeks left!   

After my trip to San Francisco, I'm really worrying about my weight.  And the next three weeks before vacation are going to be insane - social things and meals out... Sigh.  Let's hope I can find a balance.  

Monday: Dozois' Tip Top Shape + weights

I was not feeling well this morning. Thankfully, I made this workout as low-impact as possible....and still sweated up a storm!  Though I shouldn't do two weight sessions in one day, I did. I needed to get out of the office so I went and did weights at the rec.  It felt good since I still felt guilty about missing last week.  Ha!

Tuesday: Amy's Intervals + Cardio Intervals + walk

Time to alternate from Pure Cardio this week.  Amy's Intervals is so very different from Michelle's PeakFit.  And that's why I like it!  Twenty second on, 10 seconds off.  On and on....  It's tiring but a nice change of pace.  At lunch, I walked down to our favorite cafe near campus to meet a friend.  I like sneaking in 20 minutes of exercise!

Wednesday:  McLean's HIIT - Bodyweight Circuits

Ugh, Wednesdays.  This is the day I have to not think, just do.  And it works, usually.  I got through this workout with minimal pain but lots of sweat.  And it was the last time I'll have to do it for a while!  Yes!

Thursday: Dozois' Cardio Strength 1 + walk

So, life is happening.  I can't get an evening workout in this week so my additional CS had to happen this morning.  It's very difficult doing these on a weekday morning. And I can't get through it all....  But I did as much as time would allow.  And I'll try to do some extra work on Saturday.  I walked at the rec at lunch - a good break!

Friday: Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn + walk

I will not have time to work out on Sunday so that workout got shifted to today.  Yay.  None of the CSs or CIBs are easy in the morning, including this one.  But I really like it, which helps.  At lunch, I walked at the rec since the number on the scale scared me this morning.  

Saturday:  Peak 10 Cardio Strength

Wow, this morning was a challenge.  I warmed up for about 3-4 minutes before doing all of this CS.  Then, I finished the past two workouts I hadn't completed.  So, 10 minutes for CS 1 on Glo and 15 minutes from More CIB.  I cooled down by doing my own cardio and lunges for 5 minutes.  Then, ten minutes of stretching and ab work.  So, that's 90 minutes of cardio total.  Whew.  But I needed it because tomorrow….

Sunday: REST

….is a too-busy-to-workout-forced-rest-day.  I hate these.  But because of family obligations, I could not work out today.  Honestly, I think my body really needed to rest, though, so I won't complain too much.

Calorie Counts:

I had some really good eating days this week, staying below 1200 calories for three days.  When I weighed on Sunday morning, I was happy with the number, thought it's still not in my former "normal" range - by 1.9 pounds.  Sigh.  The problem is that life cannot be controlled and it's at it's craziest these days between work and home.  I'm happy I'm doing as well as I am when I can, honestly.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

San Francisco, Part 2

My tour of San Francisco was great.  One of our stops was Twin Peaks - a great place to see the city in all of its glory.  

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week Six: Peak 10 Challenge #5

Only three more weeks left in this Challenge!  And four weeks until I'm in a bikini!  Eek!

I'm going to be out of town Tuesday through Friday (San Francisco for a conference), so it'll be interesting to see how this works.  Usually, I have no problem getting up and working out, even on a trip.  Let's hope that trend continues.

Monday: Dozois' Total Body Cardio and Strength

This may be my only day with weights this week (except for the weekend) so I did Michelle's fun workout.  I love it....and I really love how easy plank walk ups are for me now!  Cool!  I meant to go the rec for more weights at lunch but work was crazy.  

Tuesday:  PeakFit Pure Cardio

A traveling day.  Once I got to San Francisco, I checked in early (thank goodness they had a room) and did Pure Cardio before my tour of the city began. I was crunched for time but I'm glad I got it done!  It wasn't easy since I did the whole thing (I usually have to skip 5 minutes) so I was proud of myself for getting through it.  

Wednesday: PeakFit Anytime Anywhere

My system is all screwed up with the time change.  I went to bed early so I got up early and did this workout.  I was going to do an additional Glo workout but the internet wouldn't work. So I did my own bodyweight exercises for ten minutes and then stretched.  Still a good workout!

Thursday:  Peak10 Cardio Interval Burn - Fat Blaster

Since I'm missing my additional Cardio Strength this week (I couldn't bring along my free weights to San Francisco), I did an additional CIB instead.  And let me tell you, in order to get up early while out of town to work out, there has to be very little dread factor in said workout.  So I chose to do this CIB again - though I'd done it over the weekend.  It really is a lot of fun and truly enjoy it.  So, 55 minutes of cardio followed by 10 minutes of stretching and abs.  

Friday:  Dozois' Barre Fusion

Ah, a light day.  I did this workout and added on a bit of stretching for 35 minutes of work.  This Fusion is like a condensed BodyFit 360.  Very good without being too long.  At the end, Michelle throws in some arm and ab work.  I wish there was a bit more stretching but overall, it's very good!

Saturday:  PeakFit Cardio Strength 2 + McLean's Cardio Hip Hop

After eating bad in San Francisco, I was back home today and ready to work hard.  This CS is tough but I really like it.  The last circuit always gets me - so very challenging!  I then did 25 minutes of McLean's dance, making as much high impact as I could.  I wanted to work hard and I did!  Then, 5 minutes with the 12-pound weights, ab work and a stretch.  

Sunday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn

I didn't have as much time today to work out but I got through this CIB.  Whew!  It's another one of my favorites and it's tough. The peaks really get me, for some reason.  I did a full 10 minute stretch afterward.  

We're just not going to talk about calories this week.

Friday, May 13, 2016

San Francisco

Today I leave San Francisco.  I didn't get to see and do everything I wanted to (stupid work!), but to get to go for free is pretty neat.  All in all, I have a pretty great employer.  

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week Five: Peak 10 Challenge #5

I've made it halfway!  Wow!  Now comes the hard part.....

An additional Cardio Strength workout is needed these last four weeks.  I may miss one next week, due to a conference trip, so I did an extra last week.  But with the addition of that workout, my energy level really starts to suffer.  

So.....wish me luck!

Monday: Peak 10 Cardio Strength + walk

I was home sick from work today.  Ugh.  However, by the evening, I felt like I could get through a workout.  I chose to do my additional CS today since I had the time.  This CS was my first Peak workout ever so it holds a dear place in my heart.......and it usually tries to kill me.  Ha!  After the first 2 circuits, it gets a bit easier, but...ow.  I took a fifteen minute walk outside once I finished because the weather was just perfect.

Tuesday: Amy's Intervals + Cardio Intervals

This morning, after a rough night of sleep, I was noticeably lethargic.  I made my legs work, though, and got through all of Amy's Intervals.  Dang!  Then, about 10-15 minutes of Cardio Intervals to make up my 45-minute workout.  It's always nice to use these workouts as an alternate to Pure Cardio.  

Wednesday: McLean's HIIT - Bodyweight Circuits

Thankfully, I was well rested when I began this workout because it's such a challenge.  I shortened some of the floor work moves to get more steps with standing cardio.  It's cheating, in a way, since the floor work is what really makes this one so difficult for me...  So at some point I'll have to suck it up and do it all.  But this workout still gets me every time!

Thursday:  Dozois' Tip Top Shape + weights

No, I'm not supposed to do two rounds of weights in a day but sometimes it can't be helped.  I tried to take it easier this morning.  I jumped a bit but not too much.  But I just love Michelle's workout. At lunch, I dragged myself to the rec to do weights.  Every time, I'm so glad when it's over!

Friday:  Ilyse's Sweaty, Sassy, and Strong + BodyFit 360: Vol 3 - Athletic Conditioning (stretch) + walk

I basically warmed up today with 15 minutes of Ilyse's fun dance workout.  It's so light and fun….a great way to get moving at 5:30am.  Then, I did the full 20 minute stretch on the third volume of BodyFit 360.  I love it!  At lunch, I took a 20 minute walk outside.  Another gorgeous spring day!

Saturday:  Peak 10 Cardio Strength - Fat Blaster + Ilyse's Heart-Pumping Groove

Time to burn some serious calories!  I switched it up today with the CS Fat Blaster - the newest of Michelle's Peak 10 line.  It's highly choreographed but after a lot of times going through it, I finally feel comfortable with the moves.  But beware - the last circuit is the hardest!  Yikes!  After that, I did 20 minutes of Ilyse's dance workout.  Then, five minutes with my heavy weights followed by a nice stretch and sit-ups.

Sunday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn - Fat Blaster

After doing the CS - Fat Blaster yesterday, it seemed only natural to do the CIB today.  And it was so much more fun than I remembered!  Some of the moves are from the CS and therefore familiar which is helpful considering the more complicated choreography.  But I had fun and that's always nice when working out!  Ab work and a stretch followed.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1192
Tuesday - 1440
Wednesday - 1198
Thursday - 1198
Friday - BAD
Saturday - 1235
Sunday - 1198

I had some good days this week - and some not too good.  It'll be worse next week, when I'm out of town so the last two weeks of this Challenge will have to be super healthy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sweet Potato Hash with Sage

Almost every Saturday, I cook a light meal for Mr. Higgins.  In the winter, it's usually soup and cornbread.  In the summer, it's generally veggies and potatoes or something.  We don't eat a lot of meat.

This past weekend, I wanted something different.  I happened upon a recipe for Sweet Potato Hash with Sage and thought to give it a try.

I made some substitutions/changes....  Red onion instead of green; no ham but a sprinkling of bacon bits.  I served the hash with some scrambled eggs.  

For my first hash, I claim this to be very successful.  Mr. Higgins gobbled it up and then took some from my plate.  I wasn't blown away by the sage and I thought it could have used a little something else....  But I'll keep this recipe and use it again!  

Give it a try at your next brunch or breakfast for dinner!