Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Bit of Knitting

The other night, I finally picked up the knitting again. After royally screwing up the first time - and correcting the mess-up marvelously - I turned the heel on the second sock! Yay! However, my momentery aura of happiness evaporated when I remembered it was time to pick up stitches. I hate picking up stitches! So, I'll have to leave that for another night.

I also finished the body of my Market Bag, finally! Now I have to do the handles which I'm dreading.... All this after not knitting for practically a month!

Also, over the weekend I unpacked my craft desk which means I can finally turn out some much-needed cards!

And... I finally have internet in my house! Yay! The wireless signal from my parent's router reaches as far as my bedroom (we moved the router closes to the outside wall). However, once I move to my desk, the signal is nonexistent. So, I must buy a booster thingy this weekend. Yes, I'm a techno-whiz. Can't you tell by my profound use of "thingy?"


Monday, September 22, 2008

Herb Garden

Ever since I knew that I was moving home, I've been hoping to plant some herbs. The conundrum of inding a location for an actual herb garden ended when we decided to plant them in the fall. They will reside in our enclosed porch ("screened-in" porch sounds too hick and rickety for the room my parents just finished).

There's a fabulous gardening store only two miles from us. People come from around the entire area just to walk around their serene gardens. They are a bit more expensive but for smaller plants, we like to go there. You can't, after all, give Wal-Mart that kind of business!

I purchased (from top right): sweet basil, catnip (for Sybella), (chocolate) mint, thyme, lavender, oregano, cilantro/coriander.

Finding pots to fit on my mom's plant stand was another matter entirely and one that was, unfortunately, resolved at Wal-Mart, after three other stops. So, there was not much selection for the square pots; they're not my favorite.

Mom decided to buy a big rosemary plant, which is beautiful! She got this ugly pot for free and then realized there are no holes in the bottom. So, we'll have to get a better pot.

That's what went on this weekend. I finished unpacking my craft table (woohoo!) and even got to see my niece and nephew for a while. Not bad for two days!

Monday, September 8, 2008

True Blood

I guess I've been writing about politics because there's not much more to write about. Things have been quiet here since the move. Being out in the middle of nowhere is, indeed, quiet. However, I generally like the quiet.

I've never worked from home and I'm amazed at how much I get done. I should have brought more work with me! Without the distractions of people, it's easy to just sit and work and get tons done! It's amazing! The only downside is that I've come to associate my desk - and laptop - with work. I don't want to sit there and write because it feels too much like working. Hopefully I can overcome this association soon. I need to write.

TRUE BLOOD premiered last night on HBO. For months I had been looking forward to this show, based on the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Novels by Charlaine Harris. I watched fifteen minutes of it and had to turn it off. I've never been so disgusted. It was all sex. And when they weren't having sex, they were talking about it. It was gross. There was no sex in the novel like that! I thought ROME dispelled all my prudishness when it came to this stuff, but no. They took cute, funny, sassy novels and turned them into something demeaning and insulting. Why do they think the only thing we want to see is sex?

It's hard for me to watch a movie after I've read a book. I was excited about THE GOLDEN COMPASS movie and it lacked something the book was infused with. At least they stuck to the book. Alan Ball (creator of TRUE BLOOD) has done something dispicable. I'm even angry at Charlaine Harris for selling out to someone with such a disgusting vision. I know she has had virtually nothing to do with the show, but still.... Her fans should be in an uproar.

I'm signing off.
Disillusioned in Texas.