Monday, October 7, 2013

Star Trainers: Ab Blast (Review)

Having really enjoyed Star Trainers: Cardio, I decided to give their Ab Blast (2007) workout a try.  I'm so glad I did!  I purchased this one and have done it consistently now for years.

Just like the cardio video, this has five separate workouts led by five "star" instructors.  Each ab workout is ten minutes long and after those ten minutes, your core will be protesting!  Here's a rundown of each instructor's section, in order of least to most liked.

Gay Gasper.....  This woman just does not do it for me.  But I will admit that her ab workout is tough.  In fact, I didn't do it for the longest time because I didn't like how tough it was!  Just like her cardio, some of her combinations will take a few tries to master.  She has some planks with tricep push-ups that really test you.  

Kendall Hogan's section is interesting because he incorporates weights.  I found this difficult since I only had one weight to choose from.  

Violet Zaki's workout is possibly the least innovative, but still good: a lot of crunch variations and then some planks.  My abs are always happy when the non-stop crunches stop!

Rob Glick's section is a continuous onslaught of crunches and my abs are always hurting after these.  Glick then makes you turn on to your stomach for some back extensions.  He finishes with the toughest round of planks on the video.  You hold these for a long time!

Kimberly Spreen is my favorite.  She somehow manages to lead you through a crazy ab workout without one single crunch.  Your obliques will get quite a workout!  

I usually do one of these workouts a week.  They will definitely make an impact on your core!  However, don't forget that you won't see any changes in your abs until you get rid of your belly fat.  It's depressing, but true.  Don't let that stop you from strengthening your core, though.  Everyone needs a strong core for good posture!

For a clip of this video, go here.  

Bottom Line: This is a great video to have on hand, no matter what your fitness level.  

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