Friday, October 11, 2013

My Workout Schedule

Recently I was a little miffed when Mr. Higgins brought up working out and my dad said, "well, now you need to get Doniamarie working as hard."  Mr. Higgins, to his immense credit, responded, "Doniamarie works out ten times harder than I do.  She's doing long, crazy workouts most days."  I was so proud of him, right then!

But my dad was almost blacklisted for such a comment, especially when he knows I work out all the time.  

I hope my reviews of workout videos have been helpful.  Now, I'll share with you how I put them all together into a weekly workout schedule.  Here it is....

Mondays - random cardio such as The Firm's 500 Calorie WorkoutStar Trainer's Cardio (I workout plus some additional cardio), Shape's Bikini Body Camp Transforming, or a different cardio workout from Netflix.  45-60 minutes.

Tuesdays - Jari Love's GET RIPPED! Slim and Lean or a similar Jari Love workout, interspersed with my own cardio segments. 45-55 minutes.

Wednesdays -  Michelle Dozois' Peak Ten Cardio Interval Burn (review to come) or More Cardio.  I alternate between the two.  50-55 minutes.

Thursdays - Jari Love's GET RIPPED! 1000.  50-55 minutes.

Fridays - rest.  A margarita.

Saturdays -  Michelle Dozois' Peak Ten Cardio Strength or More Cardio Strength.  I alternate them.  45-50 minutes.

Sundays - A Jari Love workout.  I alternate between three, one of which is Get Extremely Ripped.  40-50 minutes.  If I have more time, I may shorten this workout to 35 minutes and add 20-30 minutes of yoga.

Abs....  I'll either do an ab workout video (review to come) on the weekend or be diligent in adding 5 minutes of ab work a day.  The exception is on Wednesdays, when I'm too beat after Michelle Dozois' cardio to attempt anything more afterward.

Notice that I try very hard to not do weights two days in row.  The exception is Saturday and Sunday, but neither of those workouts is a strenuous weight workout.  My hardest workout with weights is on Thursdays, so my Friday day of rest is always nice. 

When to work out....  Monday through Thursday, I work out after a full day of work.  And some days, after working out, I'm completely exhausted.  Sometimes it's all I can do to not just sit and read the rest of the night.  

On Saturdays and Sundays, I tend to work out an hour after a very light breakfast.  This breakfast is usually coffee with toast or a Breakfast Cookie.  Though I do it occasionally, it's a lot harder for me to roll out of bed and work out without anything in my stomach.  I can barely muster the energy to get through a workout, especially a difficult one. But, if I eat something, wait an hour, and then work out, my body has something to burn and is a lot happier.  

This is what works for me.  I'm maintaining the weight I want to be - the lowest my body can get, apparently - and I'm perfectly happy with this.  I hope my routine helps you to find one that works for you.  Everyone is different so be sure to find a schedule that keeps you motivated and happy.

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