Monday, August 26, 2013

Shape: Bikini Body Camp Transforming (Review)

One workout, that I do not own, but that keeps making it into my Netflix queue is Shape's Bikini Body Camp Transforming (2006).  In an effort to keep changing up my workouts, I keep coming back to this video, perhaps every three months or so.  Three ladies lead it: Michelle Dozois (my fave!), Lisa Wheeler, and Tracy York.  

This video contains three programs, each running thirty minutes long.  

Program 1 is pure cardio, led by the cardio master (in my opinion), Michelle Dozois.  This is a good, solid intermediate workout.  She runs you through a series of hills - up and down in intensity.  Sound familiar?   The hardest moves are jumping lunges, jumping jacks, and burpees.  I'm not afraid of any of this, after doing her more recent, harder workouts, but jumping lunges is one move I will never do.  I've heard of too many people blowing out a knee doing this.  So, I always substitute some other jumping move in its place.  There's a good warm-up at the beginning and a nice stretch at the end - all in 30 minutes.

Program 2 is sculpting with Lisa Wheeler.  This is a a challenging section with weights.  It's hard for me, even after doing weights for a while now.  

Program 2 is a combination.  Each lady leads a ten-minute section.  Lisa Wheeler does kickboxing and this definitely gets my bum every time.  Michelle leads a strength section with a resistance band. At the end Tracy York leads you through some sculpting drills with a weight and push-ups.  This was a fun program, though the band is not my favorite. 

Even though I love Michelle's Peak 10 videos, every workout I do cannot be that intensive.  So it's nice to switch it up with some lighter cardio one day a week.  This video definitely fits the bill.  I usually do the cardio and half of another program.  If you're looking to get past that beginner stage of videos, this is a good way to get started.

Bottom Line:  This is a great intermediate video that will get you prepared for more strength training and intense cardio.  

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