Friday, August 30, 2013

Dalriada Trilogy

I've started reading the Dalriada Trilogy by Jules Watson.  The first two books are The White Mare and The Dawn Stag.  I'm really impressed by this historical fiction.  The setting is Scotland in the first century, when the Roman army encroaching, slowly and meticulously, toward the Alban tribes. 

Here are the reviews I posted to Goodreads

- The White Mare:

Though I studied Roman history in graduate school, I was never a fan of British-Roman history. However, I read great reviews of Jules Watson and decided to give this historical fiction novel a try (since I love historical fiction!).

I'm so glad I did! Watson has a rare gift: Britannia came alive in these pages! The story quickly drew me in and I hated to stop reading. Rhiann is a great heroine, though a tad too stubborn at times, and I loved her story. The history of the northern British tribes and Romans is great for any lover of history.

My only gripe was the few explicit sex scenes that seemed out of place and unnecessary. Skip over them - this book is worth having to dodge a few "members."

- The Dawn Stag: 

The second book of Watson's trilogy is, amazingly, better than the first. Here, the Roman invasion is unstoppable and Rhiann and Eremon must face the coming war, each having important roles to play.

Watson's descriptions of Alba and the invading Roman army are wonderful. Her fluid writing brings her well-researched details to life in a lovely way and is a real pleasure to read.

I've so enjoyed reading about the travails of the Alban peoples during this time. Some of Rhiann's decisions drove me insane - and, Eremon's subsequent actions were extremely frustrating - but, all in all, I think they both matured in this book.

This is a great novel for anyone interested in Rome, the British Isles, or well-written historical fiction.

I've ordered the finale of the trilogy and can't wait to read it!  Jules Watson has a true gift for writing! 

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