Friday, August 16, 2013

Personal Goals

In all this talk of workouts, I guess I should tell you a little bit about my personal goals.  

I am 31 years old.  My weight is actually where I want it to be, though it fluctuates within about a ten-pound range depending on my eating and working out.  It always freaks me out when I'm on the high end of those ten pounds (after Christmas or vacation)....but eventually I can get back down.  

My fitness goals are to (a) maintain my weight and (b) get a little more toned and "in shape" for when we hike and do physical activities.  I've never been athletic and only started working out with any real frequency about seven years ago.  But since I started, I've been a little OCD about it.  Especially now that I have a husband who weighs only 15-20 pounds more than me.  Let me be very clear: I never want to be the fat wife next to a skinny husband.  Oy.

So, I'm super OCD now about working out for six days a week, for 45-60 minutes.  It's not easy.  By the time I go to work, sit at my desk for 8.5 hours, and drive home, I've lost ten hours of my day.  I have a lot of hobbies I'd like to do in my spare time, along with spend time with my husband.  But I've made a commitment to myself to stay in shape.  And get into better shape, if possible.

I eat well except on my splurge day: Friday nights.  That's the one day a week Mr. Higgins and I regularly go out.  Once I got married I had to compromise on some foods - like pizza.  I gave up pizza when I went on Weight Watchers seven years ago. But Mr. Higgins loves pizza....and he made me remember how much I love it (arg!).  When I lived alone, I would go out once a week - and get a turkey sandwich at Panera!  Oh, how the times have changed.

With that change, my workouts changed.  It happened rather naturally and corresponded to the return of pizza.  I needed more challenging workouts to feel like I'd been worked out...and I wanted to burn more calories (for pizza!).  Hopefully, with these harder workouts, I'll get the body I want. 

One boon of all this is: you get to hear all about the workouts I encounter.  Feel free to send me suggestions; I welcome them! 

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