Monday, August 12, 2013

Jari Love: Get RIPPED! Slim & Lean (Review)

The first time I happened upon a Jari Love workout through Netflix, I did not love it.  However, when I revisited it and read some reviews on-line, I decided I needed to add some of Love's workouts into my mix to get the legs I want.  

The most basic of her workouts that I own is Get Ripped! Slim and Lean (2006).  As a testament to how much I think it works, I still do this workout once a week.  I love its simplicity and the results I think it gives.  Here's how it plays out...

The warm up is five minutes and contains a shortened version of most of the moves you'll do throughout the workout: squats, lunges, bicep curls, overhead presses, rows, etc.  After this, the video goes through these moves again, and you do each move for five minutes.  

First up: squats.  Pulse squats, two-count squats, singles, slow for four....  On and on for five minutes.  Add weights as you get the hang of this.  When I started, I could barely get through five minutes of squats.  Now, I do them with weights.  

Next: lunges.  Oh, I hate lunges.  However, I do them gladly because I think they're the reason my legs are finally showing some muscle tone.  Jari takes you through forward and reverse lunges - similar to the squat track: two-count lunges, pulse lunges, singles, etc.  Then you do the other leg.  A total of five minutes of lunges.  Again, when I started I could barely do this for five minutes.  Now, I do them with weights.  

I think you get the idea.  You do five minutes of these tracks:
Chest presses (I still can't do five minutes of these with my weights - oy.)
Bent-leg deadlifts with rows
Push-Ups, Rotator Cuff
Tricep Dips, French Press
Bicep, Hammer Curls
One-Leg Squats, Wide-Leg Squats
Overhead Press, Lateral Raise

I'll admit: I don't do this entire video.  I do the squats, lunges, one-leg squats and wide-leg squats, and a few other sets occasionally.  But I like to get my cardio in, so I'll do the warm-up and then do five minutes of my own cardio.  Then squats and my own cardio.  Lunges and my own cardio etc.  This way, my heart rate is going up and down, similar to circuit training.  And sweat is usually dripping off of me.  Gross but at least it's an effective workout.  Go here for a clip of the video.

And so I highly recommend this video if you want to tone up some of your problem areas.  Of course, you have to get the fat off before you'll see the tone but this video will help get you there. 

I like Jari, too.  She is motivating without being too perky.  And Laurie, who is in almost every one of her videos in the back, is a constant source of motivation for me.  Her arms are amazing!

Bottom line: This is a great way to start building some muscle in your arms and legs.  It'll be painful at first but just keep on it.  As you get used to it, add weight, and then more weight.  Jari knows her stuff.

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