Saturday, August 24, 2013

Amy Bento: Hi-Lo Xtreme Workout (Review)

I've done a lot of workout videos.  Most of them I try through Netflix.  While Netflix doesn't have everything, it allows me to try some different workouts and change up what I do.  I hate getting bored!  If I really like a video and can see myself wanting to add the workout into my regular rotation, I'll buy a copy.  If I think they're fun in limited quantities, I'll keep the disc for a few weeks.  But most workouts do not make my cut.  

Such was the case with Amy Bento's Hi-Lo Xtreme Workout (2008).  I had read good things about Amy Bento and since I needed a different cardio workout, I decided to try this one of hers.  

Now, I've had quite a few dance lessons in my life.  Zumba is a breeze for me to follow, as is most every other dance video I've encountered.  

Bento's workout is not easy to follow at all.  Her cueing is horrific and her moves just plain confusing.  At one point, I shuffled around, trying to make sense of what the heck she was doing.  

Her cardio is mostly low-impact dance moves - but constant (because she never slows down to explain anything!).  There are several "peak" moves - lunges, jumpes, etc, at the end of a routine segment.  Bento is often explaining a new move as she does it, never bothering to simplify it first.  Now, this got my heart rate up and it stayed up (though I never felt my pulse pounding)...but I did not enjoy the workout.  It should not be this hard to follow a cardio workout.  

I sent this back to Netflix and will be happy to never see it again.  It will take a lot for me to try another Amy Bento workout.  For a clip of the video, go here

Bottom Line: If you can follow nonsensical cardio dance moves, this is the intermediate workout for you.  If you prefer logical cardio workouts that can be followed and understood, stay away from this one. 

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