Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Movie Soundtracks 2013

As you know, I've always loved movie scores.  It was a great pleasure to find a man - and eventual husband - who loves them just as much, and possibly more, than me!  

We're always on the lookout for good soundtracks.  Sometimes, Mr. Higgins will buy a soundtrack without first seeing the movie!  And sometimes that musical score will convince us to see the movie it accompanies (funny, I know, but it's happened more than once).

Here are some of the scores we've listened to.  I will say, to start, that these are mostly all action movies.  I have little motivation to see the pathetic rom-coms that are being produced these days......and Mr. Higgins has no motivation.  So excuse us our genre-bias.  

(In order of release...)

1.  Iron Man 3, Brian Tyler

The Iron Man soundtracks have suffered by not having one composer for the entire trilogy.  Brian Tyler composed the music for the third movie.  Outside of the various themes for the movies, there is little good music to save.  The third installment did not disappoint in the way of theme (appropriately entitled "Main Theme"); it's a keeper.  Another track I added to my playlist: "Stark."  

2.  Star Trek Into Darkness, Michael Giacchino

I was so looking forward to this movie - and the soundtrack, since I loved the first one so much.  The movie did not disappoint.  The soundtrack was a bit of a letdown since most of the music merely played off the themes established in the first movie.  Michael Giacchino's "Main Theme" for the second movie is still good, though it only added to the first theme - a great piece of music.  "London Calling" is a nice piece with a bit of piano in the beginning.  "Sub Prime Directive" is great and incorporates the old Trek theme.

3.  Before Midnight, Graham Reynolds

I've told you about this movie and the previous two, all of which are excellent films.  There isn't a lot to this soundtrack but the theme, played throughout the movie, is lovely.

4.  Man of Steel, Hans Zimmer

Mr. Higgins did not like the movie or the soundtrack.  I liked the movie (mostly) and like the soundtrack.  Mr. Higgins complained that there was no one good solid track of the main theme.  I'm not so concerned about having one perfect track and so I've enjoyed listening to the entire score.  Hans Zimmer used a lot of drums for this soundtrack and it works - mostly.  There is one track of only drums that I could definitely do without.  All in all, it was a risky score to write but I think it works, as a whole.

5. World War Z, Marco Beltrami

Mr. Higgins bought and kept a few tracks from this score.  To be honest, even though I liked the movie (and really liked the book), I still haven't managed to listen to the score yet.  It just didn't catch my attention.

6.  Lone Ranger, Hans Zimmer

I asked Mr. Higgins to buy this score after seeing a preview of the movie.  If it's anything like Pirates of the Caribbean, I thought, it must be good music - and it is!  Neither of us had any interest in the movie but we got the score...and now we eventually want to see the movie.  The score is that good - and fun! The "Finale" - all ten minutes (!) of it - includes the Tell Overture and is epic.  Every time it comes on, I smile.  Other notable tracks: "Absurdity," "The Railroad Waits for No One" (perhaps my second favorite track), and "For God and for Country." 

7.  Pacific Rim, Ramin Djawadi

Mr. Higgins and I both like some of this music, but we disagree on one thing.  I love the theme - "Pacific Rim."  After the movie, I had that thing stuck in my head for weeks!  Mr. Higgins doesn't like the track because it starts with an electric guitar.  Since violins eventually take over the theme, I'll keep it. For some reason, I love it.  Mr. Higgins goes around whistling "2500 Tons of Awesome," which is alright, in my opinion.  For some reason, I've let the entire score play for hours on end at work.  The movie, in general, really caught me by surprise.  I had no interest at all in it; I just went with my husband and his friend.  But I liked it.  Who would have thought?

That about rounds out my movie adventures of the summer.  The Game of Thrones, Season Three soundtrack came out in the early summer and is very good.  I've also recently purchased some "Downton Abbey" tracks. 

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