Monday, September 23, 2013

Michelle Dozois: Peak 10 More Cardio Strength (Review)

After loving Michelle Dozois' first Cardio Strength video, I decided to buy her More Cardio Strength (2012) workout. This video, like all of hers, did not disappoint!

Once again, there is no warm-up.  You begin with your first peak segment - there are five for a 50-minute workout.  

Like all of the Peak 10 series, there are five 10-minute peaks.  Within that 10 minutes, you'll do a 5-minute segment twice, once on each side.  That five minutes begins with about two minutes of weights.  Then, about 3 minutes of heart-pounding cardio.  You finish with one peak move that will test your limits.  (The first peak does not have a peak move - Michelle's one concession to let your body get a bit warm before testing you.)

The weight segments of this video are more complex that what was in the first video.  Michelle's weight-lifting moves are fun and different (completely different from the first video!)....but they're also a bit more difficult to follow.  She makes some very quick transitions.  Now, after doing the video several times, you'll know what to expect - but just be aware that it may take a few run-throughs for you to get the hang of it all.

The cardio is high-impact but if you've done Michelle's More Cardio Interval Burn, this cardio is easy to follow.  In an effort to make this video unique, Michelle has thrown in some different moves, but none of them are very complex.  I like that it's different; this keeps me from getting bored!  

Finally, you'll have a peak move for about 30-seconds.  This is a squat/jump/touch the floor, squat/leap/touch the floor, jump/knees up....  These peak moves are not as difficult as some of those in her other videos, but they are still challenging.

Michelle then leads you through a nice stretch.  I think this is my least favorite stretching segment of all the Peak 10 videos, but it's still good and different.  

After doing four of Michelle's Peak 10 videos, I'm finding that each video has something I dread.  Ha!  Well, no pain, no gain, right?  In this video, this series of moves comes in the last peak - which means I dread it for the entire workout.  It's a donkey kick to a push-up - with mountain climbers right after it.  Oy.  Sweat just drips off of me.  And at that point, my arms are tired and push-ups are just traumatic.  Thankfully, the standing cardio right after this isn't too bad - or I would be dead!  

All in all, this video is a good follow-up to the original Cardio Strength.  Michelle has developed more complex moves to keep you on your toes.  I truly enjoy switching it out every other week with the original.  For a clip, go here.

Bottom Line: After you master the first Cardio Strength, this will be a new challenge for you - an advanced challenge, for sure!

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