Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Boar Stone

I finished the Dalriada triology last week.  The final installment, The Boar Stone, was perhaps my very favorite.  It took place 200 years after the last book.  

This is my Goodreads review....

This is the final book in Jules Watson's Alba trilogy - and this last one is my favorite, by far. Though I loved Rhiann, Minna is much more decisive and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her journey.

Watson relies upon Ammianus Marcellinus'- a Roman historian - Res Gestae for her historical details regarding the Romans in Britain. Cahir, king of Dalriada, takes up his ancestor, Eremon's, mission to expel the Romans from Britain. He is aided by Minna, a Roman slave.

I loved these characters. The story was fascinating, well written, and I hated for it to end! 

I hope Jules Watson writes more historical fiction!

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