Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prints and Frames

When I'm faced with a big project at home, I tend to procrastinate.  Usually, I hate to spend the money to get the project done...and sometimes I just don't know how to get the project done.  This does not sit well with Mr. Higgins, who ends up pushing me until I get something done.  I can't really blame him.  

One project that had yet to get done, despite us being in the house fro 2.5 years, was my study wall.  I had tons of prints, most of which were awkward, unstandard sizes, that needed to be framed.  There was no way I could afford custom framing!  I'd be poor!  

And so, for some very odd reason I have yet to name, I went to get frames a few weeks ago.  I found a few frames and then I got stumped: nothing would work for some of my prints.  I asked for help from a sales person who volunteered to cut some matte board for me - I could then mount my prints on the matte board, which would be cut to a standard-frame size.  

It took me two weekends but I got this done: 

Plus, there are two more newly framed prints on the adjacent wall.  Yay!  I know the picture at the top looks a little awkward - but I know I'll gradually add prints to the wall and that top print will be the centerpiece for the new stuff. 

Most of these prints are Rome-focused - either maps of the empire or landmarks.  There are also two prints of French chateaux.

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