Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Habemus Papam

I haven't said anything about the pope, mostly because I've been learning about him.  All in all, I think the bishops made a good choice in Francis I.  Why?

- He's not Italian - or European! 
- He's a humble man and one who cares deeply for the poor.  A true Christian.
- He's a Jesuit. He's taken the vows of a monk.
- He's the exact opposite of Ratzinger.
- He's conservative.

He's no John Paul II and part of me thinks that is what the Church really needs right now.  But those popes come around once in hundreds of years, unfortunately.  Francis I will be a nice change from the last pope and that will suffice.

The Jesuits were created very late in the game, so to speak - in the 1500s - by Ignatius of Loyola.  They became very powerful in the Church but Francis I is the first Jesuit pope.  As of now, the Jesuits - brothers and clergy - are the largest religious order in the Church.  

I do not think this pope will allow for female priests, gay marriage, or the marriage of priests.  It's hard for a Catholic to explain why this just won't happen...  But, as a Catholic, I know none of it will.  

I look forward to seeing how Francis I does as the Vicar of Christ. 

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