Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the Sand

I don't have a lot of stress at work.  I'm lucky in this and I know it.  But I have a different kind of stress: I can barely make myself go to work these days.

I've talked about my work woes before.  Not a lot has changed.  I'm learning Greek because I was ordered to do so.  I like Greek; I like learning.  I do not, however, relish the prospect of translating Greek for the rest of my life.  I would really like to do other things.  

Work is work.  We get through it, we come home, and hopefully we're not too tired to have a nice evening with our spouses, animals, kids, etc.  But sometimes work beats you down.  When there's no end in sight to a crappy situation, it's just depressing.  I can bury my head in the sand with the best of them, but I'm also a realist.  I know my current job is a dead end.  
I've grappled with this since I first took this job.  But I never imagined I would still be in it after almost seven (!) years.  This is not for lack of looking, mind you, but I have awful luck.  Just awful, as evidence by my tenure as a Research Assistant!  

In times like these, I try to remember that God has a plan and that I'm not privy to it, just yet.  I'll keep trudging on, hoping, always, for something better. 

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