Friday, November 4, 2016

Butternut Squash Soup

Lately, I haven't met many soups I didn't like.  And my soup horizons have broadened a lot, thanks to a co-worker's love of it.  Last year, I made my first Carrot Soup - a big step for Mr. Higgins and we both loved it.

For my next soup adventure, I thought Butternut Squash seemed a good choice.  I actually don't love squash, except for a bit of zucchini now and then, but when I saw this recipe, I thought I could like it.

I followed the directions exactly - a rarity for me.  Ha!  My only substitution was dried sage instead of fresh.

And....I didn't love it.  Maybe it needed more spices for me, I don't know.  Mr. Higgins (a squash lover) really enjoyed it.  I froze the leftovers so maybe I'll take one up, spice it up, and try it again.  

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