Monday, November 7, 2016

FitnessGlo Challenge #2: Week One

So I've decided to do another FitnessGlo Challenge.  I debated between that, Les Mills, or Cathe (who now has streaming videos)...  But for now, I'm going to do Glo again.  In the new year, I'll do the other two.  

This time around, I need to make this Challenge more difficult.  It needs to progress - start a bit easier but get harder and harder.  Last time, while following their Advanced Program, I wasn't always challenged.  That needs to change.

So here we go!

Monday: Dozois' Burn Calories, Release Stress + Ilyse's Heart-Pumping Groove + walk

After four days of very high-impact workouts, I needed to back off just a bit today.  Thankfully, I had these two workouts scheduled for this week so I pushed them to Monday.  Michelle's workout is definitely low-impact and Ilyse's is just fun.  With hers, I had to be careful not to jump.  At lunch, I walked at the rec center with a co-worker.  It's much easier when you have accountability!

Tuesday: Amy's Cardio Combo + Conditioning Drills for Results

It was time for weights today so I tuned into Amy's workout....which I didn't remember from the last Challenge.  It was good - but low-impact so I made it high-impact.  Ha!  I didn't get too far into the second video before my stomach started getting very unhappy.  So, I had to cut this morning's workout short by about 5 minutes.  Ugh.

Wednesday: Petra's High Intensity Drills + Ilyse's Just Dance

My stomach was a bit better this morning - or so I thought.  I tuned into Petra's interval workout......and I can't say that I enjoy this one, but it is effective.  I was huffing and puffing very quickly.  After that workout, I finished off my morning fun with Ilyse, whose dance always makes me smile.  And stomach got very unhappy.  Sigh.  No lunch workout but I walked around campus a lot!

Thursday: Shape's Bikini Body Camp Transforming + Scott's HIIT - Sports Inspired Intervals + weights

Time to work hard today....and thankfully my stomach had no objections.  Yay!  I started off with Michelle's cardio on the Bikini DVD.  Such a good mini-Peak workout!  Then, with my remaining 15 minutes, I did Scott's HIIT - a challenge but not too, too hard.  At lunch, it was a struggle to go do weights on this rainy day, but I did!  I was able to keep my same weights...I just couldn't do as many reps after missing a week.  But I'm so glad I went!

Friday:  Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior + walk

I wanted super light today - after seven straight days of cardio - so I chose yoga for my Friday workout!  Bob does a good workout - and he forces in some push-ups which really got me, for some reason.  But it was a nice, light morning.  At lunch, I walked outside for 20 minutes.  

Saturday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix + cardio

Knowing my eating would be horrible today, I decided to do Peak 10.  I love this workout - it's so much fun!  The peaks are difficult but at least the rest is mostly enjoyable.  After the video ended, I did 15 minutes of my own cardio to work a bit longer.  Then, a nice stretch followed by some ab work.

Sunday: Cathe's Cardio Core Circuit + Amy's Sports Sculpt + weights

I was not looking forward to Cathe's workout...but I did it anyway, knowing I needed a hard workout.  It's tough, all the jumping, but I got through it with a lot of sweat.  After that 45 minutes, I tuned into Amy's workout which lasted an additional 20 minutes.  Then, I did some weights for about 5 minutes, using the 12-pound weights.  Whew!  My stretch afterward was very nice (the sit-ups, not so much).

Calorie Counts:

Ugh.  So the weekend was horrible for eating.  Horrible!  Any weight I'd lost since vacation got put right back on, I think.   The week wasn't too bad; I had some good days.  But.....ugh.

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