Monday, February 3, 2014

Michelle Dozois: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix (Review)

For my birthday in October, my super-fit sister gave me the two newest Michelle Dozois Peak 10 videos.  I was ecstatic - you well know of my love for Michelle's workouts.  I held off on trying the new videos until January, when I knew I'd need motivation to get back into shape.  Michelle's Peak 10 Interval Burn Remix (2013) does not disappoint - and it's not a remix.  It's a brand new Peak 10 workout!

The workout begins with a warm-up that quickly warms you up.  There is no marching in place - this is an express way to get your heart rate up and up!  

The next five 10-minute intervals are a lot of work - and super fun.  As with the other Peak 10 workouts, you do a five-minute interval twice - once on the right foot lead, once on the left.  Each interval begins with an extremely short basecamp to catch your breath followed by an ascent.  The ascent will keep you moving while allowing you to recover.  The climb is tough - you frequently go to the floor for burpees and/or moutain-climbers.  The peak is a very painful 30-second interlude where you do crazy jumps of some kind - this will test you.  But, don't worry, you get done quickly and start over with a basecamp to recover.

Michelle is very inventive in her workouts.  None of the moves are crazy complicated but she likes to keep things fresh and different.  In this video she provides you with a "Movement Review" on the Main Menu to run you through some of the more tricky sequences.  I liked watching this so I knew what was ahead for me. This "Remix" definitely has the trickiest sequences of all the Peak 10 workouts - but it's still easily accessible.

The music that Michelle chooses is fun.  There is no equipment necessary.  You will spend 65 minutes being workout out....and out.  At the end of it, you will be sweating profusely (I usually lose 1lb of water weight during a 50-minute session with Michelle) and you will feel great. 

The cool down and stretch is always one of my favorite parts.  I love it when my muscles are warm and I can get a great stretch.  For a clip of this video, go here.  This is a great addition to the Peak 10 series.  My only hope is that Michelle keeps the videos coming!

Bottom Line: This is an advanced cardio workout.  Once you are comfortable going to the floor during cardio workouts, you're ready for the Peak 10 series.  

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