Friday, February 7, 2014

Pet Peeves in the Office

I'm really enjoying my new job and my awesome new co-workers.  The only thing I can complain about are my hours - 8 to 5, which means really bad traffic and, therefore, longer commutes. 

In my previous job, surrounded by mostly absent professors, I was spoiled.  Now, I have a better office but the walls surrounding it are paper thin.  Because of this, the new bane of my office existence is the lady across the hall (who is, thankfully, in a different department than me....and not a direct co-worker).  

She's enlightened me on what NOT to do in the workplace....

1.  Do not arrive 1.5-2 hours after everyone else and yawn at the top of your lungs for the next hour.  Really, yawns have nothing at all to do with your vocal chords.  Lean to differentiate the two and yawn silently.  Many, many people around you will be thankful.

2.  Likewise, sneezes have nothing to do with your vocal chords.  Your sneezes should not make people across the hall physically jump.  Be courteous and sneeze with your nose/mouth, not your vocal chords.

3.  Do not yell at the person in the next office.  Get some exercise, because you most likely need it, get up, and speak to them while in the same room.

4.  Show a little common sense and close your door when you call the doctor to speak to them about your yeast infection and/or bladder infection.  The entire office does not need to hear those details.

5.  Turn the volume off on your computer.  Everyone does not need to hear when you accidentally click on something that makes a hideous sound blare from your speakers.  

For most people, these things are common sense - but not for everyone, as evidenced by my office neighbor.  Read these, ponder them, and respect your co-workers.

Thank you and good day!  Ha!

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