Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thai Peanut Slaw (2014:6)

I've been craving something Asian.  And so when I went to pick a new recipe to test this past weekend, I was searching for Asian dishes.  I didn't like how many calories the noodle dishes had so I settled on this Thai Peanut Slaw.

This recipe allowed me four firsts in the grocery store: buying cole slaw mix, sesame seed oil, rice vinegar, and peas!  Ha!  (I've never liked cole slaw.)  I loved the idea of a peanut-ty slaw and so I made this with great anticipation, happily whipping out my food processor.

The slaw turned out really good!  I was a bit worried when I was making the dressing - all the ingredients seem like a very odd combination.  But when I mixed it all together and took a bite - it was very tasty!!  And Mr. Higgins approves!

I left out the mint because I couldn't quite justify buying $4 of mint to use in one dish.   But I'll be keeping this recipe, especially to use in the summer when we need salad-like dishes!

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