Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Drawing in the Dust

The second book I read while on vacation was really good: Zoe Klein's Drawing in the Dust. If you have any interest in the Bible and archaeology, you would likely find this entertaining (though not academic).

My Goodreads review:

I had to give Klein 5 stars, just for creativity. To write another book of the Bible…. Wow. 

I thought this novel, as a whole, was a lovely story of both archeological discovery and self-discovery. Page matures a lot, professionally and emotionally, as this novel progresses and it's nice to see a protagonist that is not perfect (though she apparently is physically - ha!). 

The archeology of this book was fascinating and made me yearn for a map of the Holy Land to have on hand. The history, the religion, the anthropology… Very interesting!

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