Monday, December 2, 2013

Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped 1000 (Review)

Among the Jari Love videos I rotate through is her Get Extremely Ripped 1000 (2009).  It is similar in format and setting to her Get Extremely Ripped.

I must say that though it's similar to Extremely Ripped, it's a lot easier for me to get through.  Like Extremely Ripped, Jari divides the video into two 30-minute workouts.  You begin with a warmup of light cardio and weights.  Then a good 30-minute workout followed by abs and a cool-down. 

Both workouts alternate between cardio and weights.  The weights are similar to the exercises in Extremely Ripped but since they alternate with cardio, it's much easier, I think.  So, a weighted exercise followed by jacks, weights and then knees up....etc, etc. 

My few gripes of this video are....  Sometimes Jari does an uneven number of reps, like she's forgotten to count or is surprised by the ticker than comes up onscreen.  I find myself alternating sides so that they're even (I'm a bit OCD).  Jari explains that they decided to do a "tribal" theme for this video.  The outfits are a little out there but this should not keep you from getting a great workout.  

Jari is more conversational in this video and Extremely Ripped.  It's annoying, but I think mostly for her crew onscreen.  She's still very motivating and less annoying than Jillian MIchaels.  So, this does not deter me.  

Even though three of her crew use a step, it's not necessary.  I don't have a step.  Jari and two of her crew in front do everything without a step.  Also, a lady does a low-intensity modification for most of the cardio sections.  Very helpful!  For a clip, go here.  

Bottom Line: This is a great workout for someone who is getting more serious about incorporating weights into their workout.  The cardio is great and keeps your heartrate up throughout the weight sections. 

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