Monday, December 23, 2013

Michelle Dozois: Body Fit 360 (Review)

You know how much I love Michelle Dozois, especially her Peak 10 videos.  I was super excited to learn about a different video from Michelle that is very complimentary to the Peak 10 series.  It's her Body Fit 360 which focuses on a wide range of exercises to get your blood-pumping and to work on your flexibility by incorporating pilates, yoga, plyometrics and dance. 

As much as I was looking forward to this video, I readily admit that it's a lot more challenging than I anticipated.  I don't love it, yet, but it's challenging in a way that I think I need and can benefit from. 

Michelle begins with a short warm-up and then moves into chair poses and some low-impact cardio.  Your body gets warm very quickly.  Michelle moves you through some balance work and then on to some yoga.  The yoga is challenging, especially the moves that have you going to the floor and back up over and over.

There are some tricky moves in here that Michelle explains in a segment of the video that you can choose to watch at the beginning.  I highly recommend watching these and trying out the moves before you do the work-out.  They're innovative and challenging - and hard to catch on to. 

There is a short ab section at the end, followed by some great stretching.  Michelle is a great teacher and this workout is unlike anything I've ever come across.  It's a challenging combination of stretching and toning that's intense enough to get your heart rate up.  You will not be bored with this one, I promise.  And there's always room to improve.  Flexibility is something we so often neglect and so this video would be a great addition to your workout cycle. 

For a clip, go here.  I cannot wait for more videos from Michelle!

Bottom Line: If you're doing high intensity aerobics and weights, this is a great addition to your video collection.  If you're starting out, the moves may be a bit tough but you'll slowly get the hang of it.  A great workout, all around!

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