Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Valley Church, Antigua

We're back from our cruise, having narrowly missed the epic ice storm that hit DFW.  Actually, we left a day and a half early to miss it!  

The cruise was wonderful; we saw new and old places, all beautiful!  One of the new spots we found was on Antigua, an island we visited for the first time in February.   For this stop at the island, we decided to hike to several beaches.  We were dropped off at Darkwood Beach and walked around the corner to Ffryes.  Then, we peaked at Coco Beach before climbing up and down a hill to Valley Church.  Our last stop was a thirty minute walk from there, Jolly Beach, the most popular and populated of them all.

Valley Church took our breath away.  I have to share some pictures with you.  The water was unlike anything I've seen.

There were shells on the beach but after a few feet in the water, they gave way to the softest sand you can imagine.  While sitting on the beach, we realized that as the waves crashed over the shells, the shells made a sound akin to wind-chimes.  Just beautiful!

We will definitely be returning to Valley Church - and to Antigua.  It's moving up and up in my rankings of favorite places.  And with 365 beaches, it has a lot to offer!

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