Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Here's another travel journal for you, this time from Antigua (An-tee-ga).   

We got off the ship and headed to (via taxi) the other side of the island, to the lookout of Shirley Heights.  I couldn't believe the view.  This is English Harbour, where the British navy was headquartered in the eighteenth century.  Horatio Nelson called this home.  

We decided to stay in the area and do a long hike that Mr. Higgins had found online.  It meant getting all the way down from the lookout to the beach.  I was game; too much time on the ship had made me stir-crazy.

This hike was incredible.  The trail was a bit overgrown - and seldom used - which made us feel like true explorers.  We got to see sights like the one above.  And miles and miles of amazingly blue ocean. 

We made the turn toward English Harbour and were confronted with clear, turquoise water.  Wow!  That little speck of white (mid center, slightly left) in the picture above is someone snorkeling. 

We ended our hike at Galleon Beach.  Sitting and watching the boats and yachts was very neat.  

It was a good day.

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