Friday, February 22, 2013

St. Croix

Our spot for the day with Brilliance of the Seas close by.
 The last stop on our cruise was St. Croix.  It was our very first visit to the largest of the United States Virgin islands and we were surprised by it.   We expected it to be more commercialized and industrialized...  But Frekeriksted, where we docked, was a nice, small town.  

Once we got off the ship, we headed only a little ways down the coast to Rainbow Beach, where we spent a lovely day looking at the water, with Brilliance always in our sights.

We had so much fun swimming here!

I loved this beach.  The sand was perfect, there was a bar/restaurant handy with restrooms.  The water....oh, the water was magnificent.  Standing up, with water up to my chin, I could clearly see my toes...and little fish swimming around.  I hadn't seen water this good since St. John!

True, blue Caribbean water!

Sadly, we had to leave beautiful St. Croix.  As the ship pulled away, we admired the water, the lush green hills.....  

We'll have to come back here!

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