Thursday, February 14, 2013

St. Lucia

Brilliance docked at Castries, St. Lucia.
The second stop on our cruise was Castries, St. Lucia.  We booked a tour and the first stop on the tour was a view of the harbor and our ship, Brilliance of the Seas.  Such a pretty ship! 

Beautiful St. Lucia.
A lookout over an idyllic village on St. Lucia.

The Pitons and Soufriere, St. Lucia.
 After a winding hour-long drive, we arrived at the town of Soufriere. It is dominated by the Pitons, two volcanic peaks half a mile tall.  We hopped on a boat in Soufriere and went to the beach between the Pitons: Jalousie (Jealousy) Beach. 

It was a bit surreal to be at the beach, surrounded by such lush vegetation and the Pitons.  We only spent an hour here but it was great.  

On the way back to Castries, we stopped at the world's only drive-in volcano.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We drove into the caldera of an active volcano, got out of the car, breathed in the rotten-egg smell of sulphur, and walked around.  The pools above are just water - heated to a crazy high temperature.  

This was a great day, though a bit tiring.  We were so looking forward to seeing St. Lucia.  The only downside was that we were put in a group which included three of whom kept getting carsick.  Oy.  

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