Monday, February 27, 2017

Combat Challenge #4: Week Eight

My last week of Combat!  Crazy!

The Challenge had to end a few weeks before our cruise due to not wanting to pay for another month (March) of streaming Les Mills.  One annoying thing that's different with the payment this year - I'm getting charged an international transaction fee every time because LM is in Australia.  Arg. 

Oh, well.  I really enjoy Combat, outside of Grit.  And I can't wait to do it again sometime!

Monday:  Les Mills' Sh'Bam #14 + walk + YWA

My upper ankle/lower leg was still sore today so I made this Sh'Bam as low-impact as possible.  It was still a lot of fun!  I always miss Sh'Bam when a Combat Challenge ends.  At lunch, I walked for 20 minutes or so outside.  Actually, there was a lot of walking today as we had meetings around campus.  After work, I did a nice YWA - focusing on hips and hamstrings.  I was very stretched out by the end!

Tuesday:  Les Mills' Combat #60 + The Gymbox Extreme Cardio + weights + YWA

Still a bit sore today but I needed to power through.  Combat was fun - and the leg portion was painful!  Ha!  To finish up my morning, I tuned into The Gymbox for some more intense cardio.  Ashli's workout was good - and not too intense for my leg.  I was sweating up a storm by the end of it.  At lunch, I did weights at the rec center.  Hate it!  After work, I did a quick yoga - Adriene's street yoga - to stretch a bit.

Wednesday: The Gymbox Extreme Cardio  

I was meant to do my last - hooray! - Grit this morning.  But my leg/ankle was still a bit sore so I decided to do something else.  Dana's Extreme Cardio looked good....but it was harder than it appeared!  Dang!  I'm learning that Dana is good - but difficult...or extreme.  Ha!  She works you hard and it's non-stop.  So this was good on a morning when I needed HIIT circuits but not as crazy as Grit.  And my heart rate was soaring.  Good!

Thursday: REST

Travel day for work.  I had intended to do yoga, like a Friday "off" day, but that didn't happen.

Friday: treadmill + elliptical

In Chicago, at the hotel, I got up at my normal time and went to the fitness room - a first for me.  I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, with an incline.  Then, 40 minutes on the elliptical, a machine I hadn't stepped on to in over 10 years.  Ha!  It wasn't easy going for 40 minutes but I pushed and was so proud of myself for getting it done.  After that, a stretch, ab work, and a bit of yoga in my hotel room.

Saturday:  Peak 10 Cardio Strength Remix + The Gymbox Cardio Dance + YWA

Back home and tired today.  But I needed to work out and was determined to do it all.  I got through CS Remix....but it was not easy.  So much floor work in this one!  But I kept going and soon, it was over!  After that 55 minutes, I did 15 minutes of Michelle Stringham's Cardio Dance.  It was alright.  It made me move for a bit longer, which was what I needed.  After all that, some ab work and a short YWA.

Sunday: Les Mills' BodyCombat #65 + BodyAttack #93

My last weekend of Les Mills.  So sad.  I tuned into Combat #65  I don't think my bum and legs have hurt so much in quite some time.  It was exacerbated by my Squat Challenge which is now, finally, being felt in my bum.  So Combat was a bit painful today. This one was, by far, the hardest I've done.  After that 45 minutes of pain, I tuned into Attack - a new one! - for my last 15 minutes of cardio.  I do like Attack - but it was difficult after Combat today.  After all that, I stretched - my bum! - for a solid 10 minutes and called it a day.

Calorie Counts:

This week was not good, especially with my trip to Chicago thrown in.  Besides that, we had a birthday lunch at work.  Sigh.  Before all of that, I got on the scale, confident that I had lost some weight....and nope.  None.   Zero.  I'm so depressed, downtrodden, and deflated.  Once home from Chicago, I ate really well over the weekend.  And, by Sunday, I felt skinny again.  I guess that'll have to do.

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