Monday, February 6, 2017

Combat Challenge #4: Week Five

This week, Yoga Revolution ends.  I'm so sad!  But!  Adriene has tons of videos online so I plan to do 3-4 every week to keep my yoga vibe going strong!  

Combat is still fun and enjoyable.  But this week is dark for another reason: the end of FitnessGlo.  I can't tell you how sad this makes me.  Glo was such a great resource and now, as of Wednesday, it's gone.  Forever.  Sigh.

Monday: Les Mills' Sh'Bam #18 + Ilyse's Groovy Dance Party + walk

This Sh'Bam is one of my favorites.  Every time I do a Challenge, this one makes me smile.  Ha!  After that 30 minutes, I tuned into Ilyse's workout - one last time.  Sigh.  I love this one and it's been my go-to filler when I needed an extra 10-15 minutes of cardio.  I'll miss it, for sure.  At lunch, I took a 20 minute walk outside.  It was a beautiful day!

Tuesday:  Dozois' Tip Top Shape (Glo) + walk

The last day of my last workout was one with Michelle.  Of course.  She's the reason I subscribed.  Sigh.  I'm so bummed.  And I'm so bummed about Yoga Revolution ending today - but at least there's tons of Adriene videos on her site.  So this morning was good: weights with Michelle and a low-impact workout. Then, at lunch, I walked the track at the rec center.  

Wednesday: Les Mills' Combat #63 + Trainer Pass' Cardio with Emily Welsh (BEMax) + walk

I'm doing Combat today since I'll have to do Saturday's Combat on Friday...  And I didn't want to do them two days in a row.  It's all good except that means putting Grit off a day, which means I have longer to dread it.  Ha!  This was a fun Combat - very energizing with some tough leg work.  After that, I tried a TrainerPass workout.  It was alright - good cardio for the last 15 minutes of my morning workout.  I walked outside for 20-25 minutes at lunch today; it was so gorgeous outside!

Thursday: Les Mills' Grit #3 + BodyAttack #92 + weights

Oh, what fun today!  I had to start with Grit.  Ugh.  At least this one is getting more doable as the weeks get on.  I can't say it's not a great workout....  It's just not fun.  After that, I did 15 minutes of BodyAttack, which is very much like old-school aerobics.  I can't lie: I was exhausted not long after starting this.  But I made it through.  At lunch, I did weights at the rec.  It was harder today, for some reason.  Ugh.

Friday: Les Mills' Combat 60 - Extreme Cardio Fighter

Time for my Saturday workout, early this week.  I couldn't get through it all but 45 minutes was enough for a great workout.  I'm almost tempted to not do any more of the Combat 60 DVDs, instead focusing on the streaming workouts....  But I'll do one more round of Combat 60 Live, I think.  

Saturday:  Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn - Fat Blaster + Extreme Cardio (Gymbox) with weights + YWA

Even though we had company in town, I was able to get in a workout today.  I did all of CIB - FB, which is 55 minutes long.  I almost died about 15 minutes into the workout, but then I found a groove.  Whew.  I then tuned into The Gymbox, which I'm trying out.  Some of their Extreme Cardio workouts use weights so I chose one that was low-impact and weighted (25 minutes long).  It was alright.  I finished off my workout with Adriene's 6-minute core workout.  (I'm going to try to log my YWA workouts on here from now on.) A good day!

Sunday: REST

Forced rest with company in town.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1192
Tuesday - 1280
Wednesday - 1418
Thursday - 1169
Friday - BAD
Saturday - BAD
Sunday - BAD

Not a great week and then a horrible weekend.  This was my last time to cheat (for more than a meal) until our vacation in mid-March.  I have to be better from now on!

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