Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Les Mills: Combat 60 - Extreme Cardio Fighter (Review)

There are two 60 minute (though they're both a little under 60) workouts in Les Mill's Combat. If you follow the Combat Calendar, you'll encounter Extreme Cardio Fighter first.

This workout uses no weights and is filled with kickboxing, very much like Kick Start and Power Kata.  

You're given a warm-up in this workout, one that is much slower (and better) than in the HIIT Combat videos.  You punch, jab, and shuffle your way to a raised heart rate.  You're then given a very, very short stretch. 

There's not much to go into detail about with this workout.  It's exactly like Power Kata and Kick Start....  You do tons of punches and jabs, so much so that your shoulders and arms ache.  Kicks and legwork are interspersed.  

The one section that gets me in this video is near the end, when you do knee strikes to music that has a very fast tempo.  It's a challenge to even move that fast!  But it makes me work and I enjoy the challenge.

You have some floorwork with this video - abs, arms, and a stretch.

This is a fun workout with a very low dread factor.  The only thing that gets tiresome for me is the punching.  I guess I need an imaginary enemy to want to punch repeatedly.  Ha!

Bottom Line: This is a great, fun kickboxing workout for anyone who is familiar with kickboxing basics.

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