Friday, February 20, 2015

Les Mills: Combat Shock Plyo HIIT 2 (Review)

In my opinion, of all the workouts in Les Mills' Combat, Shock Plyo HIIT 2 is the most challenging.  It's non-stop cardio and, even though it lasts for just under 30 minutes, it's the most difficult of the workouts to get through.  Your legs will burn!

You technically need one weight for a move in this workout, but that move can be done without a weight.

During the "warm-up" my heart was pounding like nothing else.  You run in place, run to a drop squat, do lunges, sprints, push-ups...  Oh my goodness.  The first time I did this, my only thought was, "what have I gotten myself in to?!"

The first circuit is mostly burpees.  You run in place to have a "breather" between burpee segments.  And then you add a burpee with a run and drop squat.  When that gets boring - ha! - you add a jump on to the drop squat.  

And if that wasn't fun enough, the next circuit is lunge jumps and mountain climbers.  You begin with double lunge jumps, the on to singles, then mountain climbers.  Repeat.  I never thought a mountain climber sounded appealing...until I started doing tons of lunge jumps.

For the next section you need a weight.  You do squats and then add a squat, hop, and press.  Believe it or not, this section is where I catch my breath.  

The last standing circuit here is my favorite: ski jumps, side sprints, and then skiers side to side (or drop taps).  You run in place in between moves for a breather.  

After that, you move to the floor for push-ups, planks, and hovers.  Honestly, this seems easy after all the leg work.  You are then given a short (2 minute) cool down and stretch.

As much as I hate some of these moves, I think they're crazy effective.  Despite always doing cardio, I've seen more definition after these workouts than any other cardio.  From now on, I will willingly do lunge jumps and squat jumps.  

Beware, however, of your form when doing burpees.  When you do them quickly, your form tends to disintegrate and you can really put some bad pressure on your back.  

Bottom Line: This is an advanced workout - but an effective one for anyone stuck in a cardio rut.

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