Monday, February 16, 2015

Combat Challenge: Week 6

My cruise packing list is all set so I need to get rid of these extra pounds.  

This week means it's back to Combat HIIT, per the Combat calendar, and that does not make me happy.  Oh, well.  I think my legs are getting more toned - at least that's what Mr. Higgins says - so I'm going to hold on to that positive thing and keep going.  We leave two weeks from this Thursday.  Oy.

Monday: Combat Shock Plyo HIIT 2 + Ilyse's Dance Intervals 101 + yoga

Mondays are always difficult.  Ilyse made it easy to get up and going - and to get prepared for Combat HIIT.  I modified most of the burpees this time around, hoping to not have lower back pain.  I was able to do some other high intensity moves - and I was sweating just the same.  Yoga was really nice - about 20 minutes of stretching, then 25 minutes of flowing movement.  And then handstands - ack!

Tuesday: Combat Power HIIT 1 + Scott's HIIT - Sports Inspired Intervals

And today it came time to modify the crazy amount of burpees in Power HIIT.  Ugh.  I did about 5 slow, good-to-form burpees before I subbed them for other cardio bursts.  My heart was pounding all the same so it was a good workout!  I even did extra lunge jumps - willingly.  Ha!  Seeing a difference in my legs has inspired me!  At lunch, I went to hear our resident nutritionist talk on cholesterol.  Very interesting!

Wednesday: Combat 45 - Power Kata

This was my only workout today since I was meeting a friend for lunch.  I gave it my all and was breathless in no time.  It was good to have a break from HIIT which gets tiring - to say the least - when done consecutively.

Thursday: Combat Power HIIT 1 + Michelle's HIIT - Breathless and Energized + walk

I was not looking forward to Power HIIT but I got through it, subbing almost all the burpees for other cardio.  After two weeks of no burpees (well, virtually none), my back is a lot better.  Yay!  I like knowing what makes me I don't do it!  Michelle's HIIT was fun since I hadn't done it in a week or two.  At lunch, I walked at the rec, in lieu of weights.  With two Power HIITs this week and a Cardio Strength over the weekend, I feel like I've done enough weights. 

Friday: PeakFit Dynamic Flexibility + Core Dynamics + walk

I needed a rest this morning and Dynamic Flexibility was a great choice.  This is so relaxing and un-stressful…..just what I needed after all my hard workouts of the week.  I did about 5-10 minutes of Core afterward.  Michelle's core work is so wicked hard - harder than anything in Combat.  Ouch!  At lunch, I walked at the rec to get away from the office for a while.  Very nice!

Saturday:  Combat 60 Live -  Ultimate Warrior's Workout + McLean's Bodyweight Assault Challenge

After splurging on calories at dinner last night, I was ready to work this morning.  I got through Combat in 50 minutes (minus floor work) and wanted more.  Combat Live is fun but I felt the need to push a bit harder.  Alex McLean's Challenge had been on my FitnessGlo "to-do list" so I went through about 20 minutes of that.  Wow, that was tough!  The HIIT circuits are pretty long - 60 seconds, then 45, then 30 - and doing one crazy move for a minute is tough.  But I got what I wanted and pushed myself.  

Sunday:  Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn on Glo + McLean's HIIT - Strength, Endurance, and Cardio Challenge

Time for my Peak 10 fix for the week!  This CIB on Glo is not my favorite but I've finally gotten familiar with it enough to like it.  Afterward, I wanted something different that used weights so I tried McLean's HIIT.  It's definitely a challenge!  You alternate a weighted series of moves with tabata cardio.  I got through the 20 minutes of the "meat" of the workout (no warm-up or cool down) and was dripping sweat.  It was actually pretty gross, wiping sweat off the floor.  Thankfully, I got to stretch and do some sit-ups after that.  1.5 hours of sweat.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1297
Tuesday - 1293
Wednesday - 1277
Thursday - 1293
Friday - BAD
Saturday - 1278
Sunday - 1275

I was so good this week. There were Valentine's Day goodies in the break room; I resisted.  There was lunch out with a friend; I got the 200 calorie chicken noodle soup.  There was dinner at Panera; I stuck to about 300 calories.  And then I weighed - no change.  I'm still 6-7 pounds over my ideal weight.  So when Friday came along and Mr. Higgins said we could do away with dinner and a movie and just see a movie, I said no.  Considering that eating healthy is having no impact, why not eat unhealthy for once.   The last Friday night out we had, I lost four pounds by the next Friday.  And that's the only weight I've lost.  

To say the least, I'm frustrated.  But I'm really disheartened.  I'm not giving up by any means but I'm disheartened.

And I was super good this weekend.  I tried a new vegetable soup recipe - 137 calories per serving - that we ate on all Sunday long.  I might just be tired of soup by the end of all this thyroid mess.

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