Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PeakFit System: Core Dynamics (Review)

It's taken me a while to review this workout from the PeakFit System.  Core Dynamics was not my favorite so I guess that must explain my procrastination.

This workout is broken down into four sections, each about 5 minutes long.  It's designed to be done all at once, or broken down individually to add to another workout.  I usually did this after my "light" day with Dynamic Flexibility - both workouts always make me break a sweat, despite their lack of traditional cardio. 

Section one uses a light weight and consists entirely of standing work.  You do twists, ab curls, and side leans.  This was not too difficult and you get some light arm work in due to the weight (I used 6.6 lb weights). 

The second section is floorwork and you only need a soft surface on which to work.  This is my least favorite section and, in my opinion, the most difficult.  There's some plank work and that combined with ankle grabbers and side rolls makes this just torturous.  I hate it all! 

Section three isn't too bad and uses the band.  You do some side leans and twists followed by some ab curls and side planks.  There's also a good booty move with the band. 

The fourth section is more floorwork and begins with a plank that moves to one arm and a side reach - ouch!  Then some traditional core work that ends with some challenging pilates core exercises. 

Prior to my first Peak 10 Challenge, I thought my abs were doing good.  I had some good definition and Mr. Higgins calls them "abs of steel" quite regularly.  But this DVD kicks my booty - er, abs!  And I guess that's why it's not my favorite.  I still love Michelle Dozois and this just reminds me of how awesome she truly is.

In the end, I'm not going to pressure myself or beat myself up about not being able to do all this.  I'm fine with my abs and my hubby is fine with them - and that's really all that matters!

Bottom Line:  This is an advance core workout that makes every muscle in your core burn.  This one will take some time to master! 

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