Monday, July 14, 2014

Week Eight: Peak 10 Challenge

My last week of this Peak 10 Challenge!  Unbelievable! 

Of course, the last week had to follow a holiday weekend when I ate badly and too much.  Ugh.  But, we'll move on and keep up where we left off!

Mini goal for the week: get back to my diet and routine after the long weekend.

Monday: Pure Cardio

It had been two weeks since I'd done this one and I really enjoyed it.  My least favorite bit is the last circuit that includes lunge jumps.  Ew!  Other than that, I love this one and will miss it when this week is over.

Tuesday:  Cardio Strength 2

I'm glad this was the end of my after work/evening workouts.  It really drains every last ounce of energy from me.  But I do enjoy getting the frustrations of the day out with punches and jabs.  I'll miss this Cardio Strength since I'll shelve it until the next Peak 10 Challenge.  It sure is a doozie! 

Wednesday: Pure Strength 2

I love the results the Pure Strengths have given me.  I'm hoping to keep those results by doing a lot of Jari Love workouts for the next seven weeks.  But even after eight weeks of Peak 10, the tricep push-ups still kill me!

Thursday: Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout

I will not miss this one for the next eight weeks.  Ha!  This was one of the few mornings I've woken up feeling yucky the entire challenge.  My head was threatening to hurt and my stomach was icky.  But knowing this was the last Anytime workout for a long while pushed me through.  Yay!

Friday: Dynamic Flexibility and Core Dynamics

I love waking up knowing I get to do a lovely low-key workout of stretching.  It only happens once a week and I treasure it.  Since this is the last time I'll do Dynamic Flexibility for a while, I tried to enjoy it.  After the thirty minutes of stretch, I did the last 10 minutes of Core Dynamics.  This DVD contains some of the most difficult core work I've ever encountered.  Thankfully, the last ten minutes aren't the hardest, but it's still a challenge!

Saturday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix and FitnessGlo's Core & More by Amy Dixon

I was so looking forward to CIB Remix - it's one of my favorites.  Actually, it may be my favorite CIB!  I had a lot of fun doing it so that was a boon at the end of this Peak 10 Challenge.  After 65 minutes of that, I decided to try out one of FitnessGlo's core workouts.  I've always wanted to try a workout by Amy Dixon so her 10-minute core routine won out.  And boy, was it a doozie!  It was hard to finish most of the moves, they were so deceptively difficult!  Ouch!  But it felt good….afterwards.  Ha!

Sunday: PeakFit Test and Pure Strength 1

I was really dreading my final Fit Test of the Challenge but it turned out really good.  The first two moves had me worried though.  I made virtually no progress with prisoner squats and lunges.  Then again, I do these by the hundreds with Jari Love's videos so I guess I was already in top form when I started.  The other moves - tuck jumps, ankle grabbers, sit outs - proved to show a big improvement.  That made me happy!  The biggest surprise was that the test itself did not wipe me out, like last time.  I went on to do Pure Strength 1, which was my final PeakFit workout of the challenge.  I was a little sad.  

Calorie Counts:

Monday: 1381
Tuesday: 1390
Wednesday: 1381
Thursday:  1401
Friday:  BAD!
Saturday:  1450
Sunday:  1455

I mostly stayed on my diet this week and splurged slightly on the weekend - but there was no BAD food on the weekend.  

Tune in later this week to see more posts about my Peak 10 Challenge results and final thoughts!

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