Friday, May 30, 2014

Peak Fit System: Pure Cardio (Review)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Michelle Dozois is the master of fun cardio workouts.  And she doesn't disappoint with this video, Pure Cardio - part of the Peak Fit System. 

This workout follows the HIIT intervals Michelle Dozois designed for her Peak 10 workout with one exeption - there's no "peak" move (crazy jumping HIIT move) at the end of each interval.  Therefore, this is a lighter workout when compared to her Cardio Interval and Cardio Strength videos.  But even though it's lighter, it still packs a punch.

Michelle gives you a good warm-up and then eases you into the ascent and climb phases of the Peak 10 intervals.  At first, I thought this workout would be too easy.  But, no.  Michelle keeps ramping it up and up...until you're sweating bullets.  The basecamp at the end of each interval is still very much appreciated, even without the peaks. 

At the end, you get a lovely cool-down and stretch.  No equipment is needed and it runs for about 55 minutes.  Michelle combines kickboxing, dance, plyometrics, and HIIT into this fun video.

Even after having done so many of Michelle Dozois' workouts, I'm still loving her style and her ability to stay fresh and innovative.  Her videos just keep getting better and better! 

Bottom Line: This is a great intermediate workout.  As long as you can follow some varying choreography, you'll be good!

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