Monday, June 2, 2014

Week Two: Peak 10 Challenge

I was feeling super motivated about the second week of my Peak 10 Challenge - especially after having not eaten at all well over the Memorial Day weekend.  I did better on Memorial Day, the start of week two, at least.

My mini goal for this week is to complete the entirety of the Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout….though it'll hurt.  Also, on Saturday and Sunday, I need to complete all of my cardio interval and cardio strength workouts - no skipping sections.  

This week was tough for me.  I'm doing more HIIT cardio than I normally do....and it's taking a toll on my motivation.  I'm super OCD about working out so for this to happen is....alarming.  Here's how the week progressed....  

Monday (Memorial Day): More Cardio Strength (Peak 10)

After having done a cardio strength on Saturday and a cardio interval burn on Sunday, I felt my strength was lagging in this workout.  I skipped the last section which is, in my opinion, one of the hardest sections of the workout.  This video always gets me; I think it's the hardest of all the cardio strengths by Michelle Dozois.  I usually try not to stack my HIIT workouts back-to-back but I also try not to do them during the week, due to time constraints.  The holiday allowed me to do this one on a Monday.  At least I got through most of it.

Tuesday: Pure Strength 1

I was glad to have a day free of cardio.  This workout, though, is not getting any easier.  It's tough, for sure!  I subbed heavy weights for two exercises that used the band - since the band does not work for me with these exercises (curls and chest flies).  That definitely helped!

Wednesday: Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout

This workout is to be my nemisis for the next eight weeks.  I did a lot better this week and I completed the workout and all the peaks within. But it was super tough. 

Thursday: Pure Cardio

This was a rough morning, after a rough Wednesday followed by restless sleep.  But I got through the workout and enjoyed it, even though I was dripping with sweat. 

Friday: Cardio Interval Burn

Also known as Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn.  Though I'd have really liked to do the entirety of this workout, which was my goal for the week, real life intruded.  I'll be gone all day Saturday on a daytrip to OK for my boss' mom's funeral.  So, this workout, normally done on Saturday when there are no time constraints, has been moved to Friday, when I only have 50 minutes before work to get hot and sweaty.  I think this is the easiest of Michelle Dozois' cardio interval burns....but it's still a great workout (and fun!). 

Saturday: REST

....though I don't really want to rest.  This is unavoidable since I'll spend 12 hours in the car today.

Sunday: Cardio Strength Remix (Peak 10)

After being in the car all day yesterday, I was ready to move today.  I really like this Cardio Strength workout and think it's one of Michelle's best.  But it was a struggle to get through the whole thing.  I pushed myself and made it.  Barely.  It felt good afterwards - especially after a cold shower!

Calorie Counts

Monday (Memorial Day): 1462, which includes fast food so this number makes me happy!
Tuesday:  1382
Wednesday:  1364
Thursday  1382
Friday:  no idea - two meals out
Saturday (on the road): 1450
Sunday: 1375

The first week - last week - I dropped three pounds.  This week, I stayed the same as last week. No big deal since I've had a few meals out.

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