Monday, June 9, 2014

Week Three: Peak 10 Challenge

Two weeks down, six more to go!  Whew!

The last two weeks have been very hellish at work for me and Mr. Higgins.  On the nights when I slept well, I woke up exhausted.  This has to change.  Weekends can't come soon enough!

Mini goal for the week: learn to like Greek yogurt.  Finally.  That means eating all of it that I bought over the weekend!

Monday: Get Extremely RIPPED 1000 Hardcore

I decided against a day of rest today (which was on the PeakFit Schedule) and opted to do another workout with weights.  Jari Love's RIPPED 1000 Hardcore seemed a good choice.  I did 35 minutes of cardio (weights alternating with cardio) and then ten minutes of abs. 

Tuesday: Pure Cardio (PeakFit)

Got through this, all hot and sweaty at the end.  The last circuit consists of alot of lunge jumps and I absolutely hate those.  But made it through and felt good about it.  I was really stiff at the end...wishing Dynamic Stretch was tomorrow, not in two days!

Wednesday: More Cardio Strength (Peak 10)

Instead of doing this workout at my usual workout time, pre-dawn, I moved this to the evening, after work.  This is just too much to do at 5:30am and I don't have enough time then to complete the entire workout.  In the evening, I did it all, as painful as it was.  This is the hardest cardio strength workout for me.  Whew.

Thursday: Dynamic Flexibility and Core Dynamics

It felt good to stretch this morning after the vigorous workout last night.  I really do like the Flexibility DVD of the PeakFit System - look for a review soon.  I have mixed feelings about the Core Dynamics, which is bordereline too tough.  But it was a nice morning workout combination.

Friday: Pure Strength 1 (PeakFit)

Pure Strength was tough today, for some reason.  As much as I like the thought of toning my legs, I don't look forward to the leg section of this workout.  But at least it gets my heart rrate up!  Even though there's no cardio, I still sweat!! 

Saturday: Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout

This was tough, especially since I'm getting sick.  Who gets a cold in Texas in June?  Me, apparently.  Ugh.  I got through it but it wasn't pretty.

Sunday: Cardio Strength 2

A new workout today!  It was a lot of fun doing a new cardio strength today!  This one was definitely challenging but also a lot of fun.  I look forward to doing it again soon….and to sweating buckets again.  Ha!

Calorie Counts:

Monday: 1381
Tuesday: 1334
Wednesday: 1416
Thursday: 1391
Friday:  too much!
Saturday:  too much!
Sunday:  too much!

Mr. Higgins' birthday was Saturday so there was way too much eating going on all weekend long.  I tried to make smart choices and I never over-did it but...there was cheesecake in the house.  Ack!

Good news for the week!  I now like Greek yogurt - with my own granola thrown in!  I'm going to make that a daily morning snack! 

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