Friday, June 13, 2014

Farro and Edamame Salad (2014:21)

Mr. Higgins wanted healthy bean salads to eat on this summer and so I went searching.  Now that I know we like farro, I decided upon this Edamame, Corn, Farro Salad.

It was relatively easy to put together with minimal chopping (scallions and cilantro), which was nice.  The farro and edamame cooks quickly which is good when time is an issue.  When I saw how much oil this recipe called for, I cut the entire dressing mixture in half.  Nothing needs that much dressing! 

And I'm glad I did, because the dressing - peanuty - was a bit weird.  Mr. Higgins said to leave out the nuts so maybe with them, it would have tasted better.  Either way, I suggest cutting the dressing in half.

Next time, I may try a simple oil/vinegar combination instead of the sesame oil/rice vinegar mixture.  Perhaps it'll be a bit better.  But I like using farro and edamame!!

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