Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PeakFit System: Cardio Strength 2 (Review)

I've been getting up close and personal lately with Cardio Strength 2 of the Peak Fit System.  It's a nice change from the Peak 10 cardio strengths. 

Like the other cardio strengths, there is no wam-up to this workout. There are five 10-minute circuits.  The first one is different in that it has no "peak;" this is all the warm-up you get.

Each 10-minute circuit is broken down into two five-minute patterns that run you through an ascent, a climb, and a peak.  Then you repeat those five minutes on the other side.  The weighted section - the ascents - are difficult but innovative.  You never spend too much time on one move, which means you don't get bored and you keep moving.  I like this!  The cardio climbs are high-intensity; you will jump, jog, punch, and kick for 2-3 minutes.  Then the peaks - one crazy move you do for about 30 seconds. The peak moves for this workout are tuck jumps, leap jump shots, 180 squat touch-downs, and then, finally, air jacks.  Whew!

This workout runs about 55 minutes; the last 5 minutes contain a lovely cool down and stretch.

There are definitely some killer moves in this workout.  The curtsy lunge with a weight swing down to a side lunge is my least favorite ascent move.  The cardio in the climbs seems much more intense and fast than the other workouts, with fewer punches and more jogging/jacks.  The peak move that always gets me is the tuck jump.  I'd rather do a burpee than a tuck jump!  But, thankfully, the tuck jumps are getting easier. 

All in all, I really like this workout.  The warm-up circuit has no floor moves which I really appreciate; I loathe burpees in the first ten minutes of a workout!   But be prepared, some of the hardest floor work comes in the last circuit.  Eek!  As always, though, Michelle's personality and fitness level keep me motivated to sweat through it.  That's why I keep coming back for more!

For a clip, go here

Bottom Line: For an advanced exerciser, this workout is a great way to combine cardio and strength training.

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