Monday, June 16, 2014

Week Four: Peak 10 Challenge

Almost halfway through this challenge.  Wow!  

If last week was my un-motivated week, this week was the opposite.  I finally started to see some progress in some of the harder moves I've always struggled with.  That motivated me even more to keep going!

Mini goal for the week: get enough protein.  According to the Peak Fit Challenge kit, protein should comprise of 25-30% of your diet and fat should be 20-30% - the rest is carbs.  Protein is essential for building muscle so you need this!  I need this!  And it's the hardest thing for me to eat on a daily basis.  Arg!

Monday: Cardio Strength 2

I did this one two days in a row (Sunday of last week), trying to take advantage of the day I took off from work - because I was sick with this blasted cold.  Somehow, I summoned the energy to make it through this workout. And I really like it! 

Tuesday: Pure Cardio

I actually slept Monday night, with a Benadryl, so waking up and getting going for this workout was a bit difficult; I was more than a little dazed.  But I managed and it felt great!

Wednesday: Pure Strength 2

A new workout!  This was tough but not really any tougher than the first Pure Strength.  The lunges got me, as did all the tricep work.  But I like the burn - at least, after the fact.  Ha!

Thursday: BodyFit 360

I took a break from Dynamic Flexibility to do one of my other Michelle Dozois faves: BodyFit 360.  Love this one!  It's such a unique workout; you work much harder than you ever think.  You sweat!  You stretch!  You move in every direction possible.  It feels great!

Friday: Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout

Wow, this one is still so tough for me.  My breathing never slows once I get to the second ascent.  I made it through the workout, though I cut one of the Peaks short. 

Saturday: Cardio Strength 2

Me and this workout are beginning to get along.  This was my third time doing it and since i haven't done another cardio strength, this one is getting committed to memory.  I really do like it!  And I'm seeing some progress!  Tuck jumps - the hardest "peak" for me to do - are getting easier!  I have to take a mini jump between the tuck jumps but I can do them straight for 30 seconds.  Yes!  And I'm trying to do some real pushups now that girly pushups are pretty easy.  I can't get down all the way but this is still progress!  Yay!

Sunday:  Cardio Interval Burn Remix

I hadn't done this workout since before my Peak 10 Challenge and was really looking forward to it.  After sweating through it, I had confirmation of what I had previously thought: this is my favorite cardio interval burn.  It's so completely different (unique "peaks") and challenging.  Fun!  

Calorie Counts:

Monday: 1320
Tuesday:  1369
Wednesday: 1376
Thursday: 1375

Friday: bad!
Saturday: 1477

Sunday: 1398

I did better with protein this week but I didn't always get up to the suggested 25% - usually hovering, frustratingly, around 23-24%.  Ugh!  I'll keep working on it!

Good news!  I weighed on Friday and, after all that eating last weekend - and cheesecake in the house until Tuesday - I was back to the same weight as last week.  Wow!  I've stayed in the same one-pound range for the last three weeks!  Cool!  Before you think this is not progress….  I usually fluctuate much more, between 3 and 5 pounds, when I have a bad week (or weekend) of eating.  

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