Monday, June 23, 2014

Week Five: Peak 10 Challenge

Week five!  Wow!  I look forward to doing this challenge again when Mr. Higgins isn't wanting to eat bad things now and then, like before a cruise.  That's the only thing: I'm not eating as great as I'd like.  Oh, well.  The summers here are long, hot, and not much fun since we don't have a vacation until November.  Going out ocassionally is what makes the monotony bearable. 

Mini goal for the week: workout while out of town for a scrapbook retreat.  I'll try to walk/jog one day and do the Dynamic Flexibility DVD the other day.  It's always hard when I'm out of my routine.  But at least walking/jogging will be something different.  It'll take the place of Pure Cardio on the Peak Fit Challenge schedule.

Monday: Cardio Strength 2

This workout is making my body sweat in places I didn't know possible.  Gross, but there you have it.  I still really like this one, even though it's tough, tough, tough - especially at 5:30pm, like today.

Tuesday: Pure Strength 2

I think I like this one more than Pure Strenth 1, mainly  because it doesn't use the band for the leg circuit.  However, I hate the lunges to a tick-tock.  OMG!  I thought I was conditioned for lunges, since I'm used to Jari Love's workouts....but no.  This one hurts!

Wednesday: Cardio Interval Burn

Also known as Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn.  Due to the scrapbook retreat this weekend, I'm doing this on Wednesday instead of Saturday, which means I must cut out a 10-minute circuit to fit it into my 50-minute morning workout timeframe.  Even when not doing the entire workout, it's still tough - in a good way!

Thursday: Pure Strength 2

Dang, this one is a tough one.  My arms were aching!  I could barely get through a few exercises, including the tricep push-ups.  Ouch!! 

Friday: Dynamic Flexibility

My mom and I did this DVD while at our scrapbook retreat, scrunched in our small bedroom on a it's small rug.  Ha!  But we made it work and it felt great!  My muscles were surprisingly sore after Thursday's strength workout and I loved getting them all stretched out.  

Saturday: walk/jog

It was nice to get out and walk/jog during the scrapbook retreat.  I walked for a block and then jogged for a block….  The only bad part was the humidity.  I sweated - a lot!  

Sunday: Cardio Strength Remix

Wow.  After eating too much for three days and not doing a Peak workout for two, I was really feeling this workout.  I got through it but it was not easy.  For the last peak - diamond jumps (ew!) - I did not follow the DVD.  I did air jacks instead.  Oy.  I stretched really well afterward but was still super sore.

Calorie Counts:

We're just not going to share this week.  Suffice it to say, it was not so good.  Sigh.

But I worked out while out of town!  Yay!  I really needed it, both days.  And so, another week down.  Three more to go!

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