Friday, June 27, 2014

PeakFit System: Dynamic Flexibility (Review)

I was so looking foward to trying out Michelle Dozois' Dynamic Flexibility in the Peak Fit System.  After loving her Body Fit 360, I had high hopes for this one.

Michelle did not disappoint me with this 30 minute workout.  She breaks it down into five minute segments:

1) Here you get your body warmed and prepped for a good stretch.  This is fast but not too fast.  And since you have to be warm to stretch, it's essential.

2)  Michelle leads you through some flowing warrior poses.  This really reminds me of Body Fit 360; I can see how it came out of this workout.

3)  Planks, downward facing dogs...  I like this one because you flow in and out of pigeon, which is my new favorite stretch.

4)  You'll need your band for this section which stretches your hamstrings, glutes, calves....  Awesome!  And all floorwork.

5)  More stretching with the band - arms and legs.  A nice end to a great video.

I really love this one.  It's the perfect length and I feel rejuvenated afterward.  It works so many muscles and I usually sweat - but it's so great.  My only complaint is that I wish it had more serious stretches for your legs in terms of the splits.  Michelle does a great job with that in Body Fit 360. 

For a clip, go here.  This will stay in my rotation for my "rest" days.

Bottom Line: This is a great addition to the Peak Fit System.  You will feel great afterwards!

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