Wednesday, May 21, 2014

PeakFit System: Pure Strength 1 (Review)

I'm loving Michelle Dozois' PeakFit System...which isn't a surprise given my love of her Peak 10 videos.  But I was a bit nervous about the Pure Strength videos, of which there are two.  I followed the recommended schedule of workouts and began with Pure Strength 1.

This workout uses a resistance bank (provided with the System kit), light weights (I used 6.6), and heavy weights (I used 8).  I was excited about using the resistance band...but the band does not like me.  I can barely do curls with it, the resistance is so tight.  I'm hoping this becomes easier as I progress but as it is....I'm definitely using my muscles!

Michelle begins with a warm-up that targets all of your muscles.  She then starts the workout with back exercises.  My arms were almost shaking after all the bent-rows Michelle takes you through.  Eek! 

Next up, your chest.  You go through pushups and chest flies, which I hate.  I could barely get the band extended enough to do a fly properly.  Good grief!  Repeat the back and chest series. 

Legs is next and I was excited.  Michelle takes you through squats and lunges using the band. Wow!  I didn't think my leg muscles could hurt so much!  And then your aching legs must do step through lunges with heavy dumbells.  Oy. 

Arms are next, beginning with tricep side push-ups.  My arms were shaking again in no time!  Tricep kickbacks, lateral raises, and curls follow.  Along with some pain - ha!  Repeat legs and arms. 

Michelle then lets you, thankfully, cool down and stretch. This workout clocks in at a little over 50 minutes.  Even though there is no cardio, it made me sweat a lot.  I like it but it's definitely tough.  My arms have always been a struggle for me to strengthen so maybe this will help.  In the meantime, it'll be painful.  For a clip, click here.

Bottom Line: This is a great strength workout - tough but never boring and always effective.

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