Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mocha Double Fudge Brownies (2014:17)

I was craving something chocolate for dessert recently.  Since this flavor is not Mr. Higgins' first choice, I asked his permission before making these Mocha Double Fudge Brownies from Cooking Light.

To lower the calories even more, I used half Splenda and half sugar.  Since I could not find fat-free chocolate fudge topping, I had to go with sugar free.  These two changes brought the calories down to 108 per serving.

I knew these wouldn't be the best brownies ever, but they're good for 108 calories each.  Mr. Higgins likes them and I like the chocolate.  It's always hard not to reach for my mother-in-law's fabulous brownie recipe....but sometimes you have to be good, especially after a cruise.

So I'll keep this recipe as a good chocolate alternative.

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