Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Skinny Potato Salad (2014:19)

Mr. Higgins loves potato salad.  Actually, he loves all things potato.  On cruises, he'll occasionally have a meal that consists entirely of potato-based dishes.  Ha! 

I've never been into potato salad because I don't like mayonnaise, which usually coats the potatoes.  But when I found one potato salad I loved at a local BBQ place, I decided that it's not all bad.

When I saw this recipe for Skinny Potato Salad, I was curious to try it.  I followd the recipe exactly....and I didn't love it.  It lacked a good flavor.  Mr. Higgins really liked it - and ate 99% of it - but even he admitted it could use some.....umph - something. 

And so I'll keep looking for a good recipe.  I'd like to find a low-fat keeper to serve with my pork BBQ!

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