Friday, July 4, 2014

PeakFit System: Pure Strength 2 (Review)

I'm always excited to try a new workout and this was no exception.  With Pure Strength 2 being the second Pure Strength, I was worried it would be a lot tougher than the first.  It is and it isn't.

Michelle gives you a good warm-up to get the blood flowing in your arms and legs.  This is good for me since I've usually just rolled out of bed.

The first section is BACK.  You start with bentover rows, using the band.  This is always tough for me: keeping my back straight and not hurting.  You then move on to wide chest pulls with the band. This is similar to the first Pure Strength.  Michelle then takes you to the floor for seated rows and the deadbug - both with the band.  You end with squat weight swings. 

The next section is CHEST.  Ugh.  Travel push-ups: hate.  Then, a kneeling chest fly with the band, which is the hardest arm exercise in the video for me.  Ouch!  Then, more push-ups and plank toe taps.  At this point, my arms are on fire!  That heat in the arms gets worse with kneeling chest flies with dumbells.  You end this section with squats and a side lean with overhead press. 

Repeat BACK section but with some added ab work during the seated rows.  Fun! 
Repeat CHEST with some push-up variances.

Next up: LEGS.  Okay, this section kills me!  You start with a lot of squats holding heavy dumbells.  You pulse, go quick, pulse, etc.  And then on to lunges.  Followed by three pulse tick-tocks and then single pulse tick-tocks.  This is excruciating.  Repeat on the other leg.  And just when you thought your legs would give out: curtsy lunges.  Mind you, all of this is while still holding heavy dumbells. 

Last section: ARMS.  Tricep push-ups: hate!  Tricep kickbacks with light weights.  Then runner arms, up over your head with weights.  Front press, runner arms, front press.  And then: curls with the band.  My arms are always aching at this point.  Circles with the band. 

Repeat LEGS and then ARMS. 

Cool-down and stretch: this focuses a lot of the arms, which is nice.  I always keep stretching after the video ends. 

This gets my arms in a way that Pure Strength 1 does not.  I think this one is tougher due to the higher amount of push-ups and those blased tick-tocks that are just painful.  But I like feeling the burn!  Michelle is motivating as always and she and her husband, who stands to her right in the workout, are super cute.  For a preview, go here

Bottom Line: This is a great addition to the PeakFit System.  Michelle moves quickly so you must know basic forms before beginning.

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