Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Daughters of Rome

I recently finished another Kate Quinn book about ancient Rome, Daughters of Rome.  This was the second book in the series but a prequel to the first, Mistress of Rome, which I loved. 

Here is the review I posted to Goodreads:

After reading Kate Quinn's Mistress of Rome, I ordered the next book in the series - Daughters of Rome - the next day.  The year of the four emperors has always fascinated me; but it's also a time in Rome's history that I always skipped over since the four different emperors were never committed to my memory. 

Quinn brings that year to stunning life.  From the four different view points of four cousins, you see how that year's turbulence affected the populace.  Each cousin is so completely different from the other and each one witnesses history in a different way. 
I had no idea this novel would precede the first one.  It was interesting seeing who Domitian's wife was - before Domitian got ahold of her. 

Kate Quinn is becoming one of my new favorite authors!

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