Monday, July 7, 2014

Week Seven: Peak 10 Challenge

Wow!  Only two more weeks to go!  Amazing!

I'm more than a little bummed that my last week will be the week after July 4th - and more bad eating - and will coincide with that wonderful once-a-month-visitor all of us females are blessed to have.  Ugh. 

BUT.  I'm so happy with the results of this system - and I haven't even done any measurements since the start.  If it can keep my weight in check with all the bad eating I'm doing, it's downright miraculous!  Ha! 

Mini challenge for the week: don't go overboard on July 4th weekend and still workout while visiting my parents for the holiday.

Monday: Pure Strength 2

Wow, the tricep work in this video just about kills me.  Luckily, I'm usually too sleepy to think about it much; I just go through it all rather mindlessly. 

Tuesday: FitnessGlo's Cardio Strength 1 by Michelle Dozois

With my 15-day free trial to FitnessGlo, I decided to try some of the Peak 10 workouts Michelle Dozois recorded for the website.  They're brand new workouts - three in all - and this comes at a time when I really need to freshen things up to keep me motivated.  And new workouts always motivate me!  These Peak 10 workouts just amaze me: no matter how many I've done or how many times I've done one, they always kick my butt.  In a good way.  This one was no exception.  Whew!

Wednesday: Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout

This still ranks my least favorite PeakFit System workout.  I dread it like nothing else - well, not as much as a Cathe Friedrich workout, but still.  The dread factor for this one is big.  But I did it at 5:30am, which gave my conscience no opportunity to back out.  I shortened one peak but that was it.  I made it through.

Thursday: Pure Strength 1

I definitely think this one is easier thatn Pure Strength 2 - but it still packs a punch.  The good news is that I think my triceps are really stengthening up.  In this workout, you do side tricep push-ups and they're getting easier.  But it's been a very slow process.

Friday: Dynamic Flexibility

This was a struggle.  We were at my parents' house in the country and everyone, mostly unintentionally, tried to dissuade me from working out.  I got in thirty minutes of stretching and that was it.

Saturday: Cardio Interval Burn

My mom and I did this one; I was still at her house.  It's pretty advanced for her but since it's the easiest of the cardio interval burns, I thought it a good compromise.  

Sunday: FitnessGlo's Cardio Strength 1 by Michelle Dozois

I revisited this one from earlier in the week because I wanted to try to become more familiar with it.  And I still really like it!  It's definitely challenging and different in some really good ways.  I look forward to doing it again!

Calorie Counts:
Monday: 1582
Tuesday: 1382
Wednesday: BAD!
Thursday:  1422
Friday:  Holiday!
Saturday:  BAD!  

Sunday:  bad - but not as bad!

Next week I'll do much better in regards to diet!!

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