Monday, July 28, 2014

Week Two: Jari Love Challenge

After eating horribly last weekend, I'm super motivated to burn off some serious calories.  Ha! 

I'm trying to amp it up a bit this week, throwing in a new workout by Michelle Dozois from FitnessGlo.  Looking ahead to next week and Las Vegas….I need all the cardio I can get this week!  

Monday: Jari Love's Slim and Lean

For this workout, I only use a few segments: the warm-up, squats, lunges, and abs.  In between each of those, I do 7 minutes of my own cardio drills.  I have a list of these drills and alternate through them.  It gives my legs a break and gets in some good cardio between strength segments.  I used my light weights for the squats and lunges. 

Tuesday: Shape's Bikini Body Transforming

I wanted some good cardio this morning so I did the first section of this workout - cardio intervals led by Michelle Dozois.  It's 30-minutes of "hills" in which each one gets harder and harder - a lot like the Peak workouts but not nearly as intense.  I followed that up with 15 minutes of Lisa Wheeler's section - strength with dumbells. 

Wednesday: Michelle Dozois' Total Body Cardio Strength on FitnessGlo

Since I do my workouts at 5:30am, I was a bit worried this one would be too intense for such a time.  But it was perfect!  It's not as intense as a Peak workout but it's challenging, fun, and enjoyable.  And the length was perfect - 45 minutes.  I added 5 more minutes of cardio and stretching to make it 50 minutes.  I will definitely do this one again and again - in the morning!

Thursday:  Crunch's Super Slim Down: Yoga Pilates Blend by Ellen Barrett

This video always surprises me by using different muscles and muscles in different ways.  My triceps were killing me afterward - and I do tricep work quite often.  I love the yoga fusion at the beginning of this video - so lovely!  But it still made me sweat; not bad for my "light" workout of the week.

Friday: Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped! - Workout #1 - and Dozois' Hip and Thigh Toner on FitnessGlo

My arms were aching after my "light" workout yesterday, which made all the weights in Jari Love's video painful - much more than usual.  Ack!  But it was a good workout - with no real cardio, I was still dripping sweat.  I finished off with Michelle Dozois' 10-minute Hip and Thigh Toner.  Lots of plies; my legs were shaking something awful!  A good morning combo!

Saturday:  Cathe's Cardio Core Circuit and Glo's Ultimate Dance Extravaganza

I was awoken last night with some serious stomach problems.  Therefore, I worked out much later in the day than I planned, trying to get enough fluids and energy.  I got through Cathe's Cardio Core Circuit and was reminded, once again, how much I hate that workout.  I just loathe it and it's always a struggle to get through.  Why do I do it then?  Because it's so very different from any other workout I do.  I figure it's good for my body, to shake things up.  Ugh.  To reward myself after those torturous 45 minutes, I did 25 minutes of Ilyse Baker's cardio dance on FitnessGlo.  It was so much more fun than I expected!  My sweat from Cathe's workout just kept on pouring off me.  LOL!  

Sunday:  Michelle Dozois' Cardio Interval Burn on FitnessGlo

I'd heard good things about this CIB and they proved to be true - this was a lot of fun but extremely challenging.  The ascents - the "lighter" cardio segments - seemed to be much more intense than usual.  But it was a good to have a new workout by Michelle and good to back into a Peak workout.  I just love them!  

Calorie Counts:
Monday - 2652 - sigh
Tuesday - 1372
Wednesday - 1388
Thursday - 1390
Friday - bad!
Saturday - 1402
Sunday - 1580

Even though I splurged a bit this week, I was proud of myself for being mostly good on the weekend.  Granted, eating 200 extra calories on Sunday isn't great...but it's not bad.  And I still think that the body responds well to being "shocked" with new and different foods and routines.

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